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Best mini series on the beginning of America, 8 November 2002

I saw the series when first televised on PBS (in the days before affordable VCR's) To my knowledge it has been televised one or twice since and I missed a few episodes each time. I really wish PBS would televise it again or at least offer it for sale. This is the best mini series on the beginning of America as an independent nation that has ever been made. It would be a success in any year, 1976 or 2076. I would like to purchase the series on vhs if it were available however, the copyright owner could make a fortune by remastering the sound/video for sale on DVD

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Great Movie!!!, 8 November 2002

This is a Great Movie!!! I recorded it when it was shown on TV but would really like to purchase a good copy on VHS. I can not locate it on any media (DVD preferred but since it is no longer on vhs, dvd is out of the question) Campbell Scott is an excellent actor and was excellent in this movie. Jason Robards was also as well as Lukas Haas. I recommend for anyone especially Civil War buffs.