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Terrific Documentary, 29 August 2002

Joan Crawford's life and film career are discussed here along with interviews with co-stars, directors, old flames and ofcourse, daughter Christina. Rare pictures and interviews make this an extra special treat which includes pictures of her father, Joan as a child and the last picture taken of her in April, 1977, one month before her death from cancer. Also included is a rare interview on a 1960's television talk show and guest appearances as well. A must-see for any Crawford fan! ***1/2

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Low-budget fun, 25 January 2002

Aging sex kitten Monica Martel (Sally Kirkland) is having a tough time. Her boyfriend, gigolo Eric (Andrew Stevens) is messing around with her young body double, her career is on the skids, her "comeback" movie is not going well, and, oh yeah, someone wants her dead. Bad acting, bad cinematography and the same "ka-ching" song throughout the film makes...a fun flick? Oh yes. High drama and campy acting makes for a good "bad movie we love." One of the many "erotic thrillers" actor/producer Andrew Stevens put out in the late 80's and early 90's.

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Pretty good, 23 January 2002

Four daughters return to the old homestead when they receive a note from their elderly father saying his new wife is slowly poisoning him to death. The daughters are an eclectic bunch; an alcoholic obsessed with the memory of their dead mother, a many-times married blonde, the eldest sister who constantly frets over them and the youngest who doesn't seem to know what's going on through most of the film, played by a very young Sally Field. The rain has washed out the road (hate when that happens)the phone is dead and someone is bumping off the family one by one. For an older tv movie this one is actually done pretty well. Decent writing and well acted, it will have you guessing. **1/2

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Fun B-flick, 10 January 2002

As a sorority initiation, a group of nerds breaks into a bowling alley and attempt to steal a trophy. What they don't know is that inside the trophy is an evil imp, long imprisoned. He is set free and the fun begins. Lots of fun horror/comedy gore and chock-full of b-movie favorites including Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer and Scream Queen Linnea Quigley in a hilarious role as a foul-mouthed punk. Also notable for one of the few times Ms. Quigley survives in a film. An enjoyable movie that doesn't take itself seriously. **1/2

Jack-O (1995)
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Scary in all the wrong ways, 21 November 2001

On Halloween a town is terrorized by a lunatic with a big pumpkin for a head. Bad acting compromised mostly of local talent and laughable special effects makes this one baaaaad. B-Movie Queen Linnea Quigley looks embarrassed to be a part of this one and even her considerable charm which has helped so many of her other films can't help this one. Pass this cheesy flick if you are looking for a good Halloween horror film and rent "Night of the Demons" which also stars Ms. Quigley.

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Passable, 21 November 2001

B-Movie actress Jewel Shepard searches high and low for that eternal question, "If I'm so famous, how come nobody's ever heard of me?" This video, which Jewel sold through her now-defunct fan club in the 1990's includes revealing shots of Jewel and some of her television appearances. If you are looking to learn more about the b-movie profession, skip this video and read "Invasion of the B-Girls" written by Ms. Shepard in which she interviews some of today's and yesterday's B-movie actresses including "Queen of the B's" Linnea Quigley.

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Pretty interesting, 14 November 2001

B-movie babe Jewel Shepard takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of her film "Caged Heat 2" which also includes some interesting scenes of her at home in L.A and interviews with various cast members. One of several videos Jewel sold through her now-defunct fan club in the 1990's.