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Premonition (2007/I)
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Expected much more, 31 March 2007

This movie is not very good. The acting by Sandra Bullock is not the greatest. She doesn't even care when her husband dies. She is always mad in this movie. The ending is kinda stupid. I expect a much better movie.

The reason this gets a 4 is at one point of the movie you are very interested but than it goes back to the same stuff over and over. This is no Lake Hosue which was amazing. I would no recommend this movie as a rental don't spend your money at the theater.

4 out 10 is all this movie deserves.


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Disappointed, 31 March 2007

I think Don Cheadle is a great actor but this movie is not that great. Don Cheadle is married to Jada Pinkett Smith who is very uptight and controls their marriage.

Adam Sandler lost his family in 911 and was college roommates with Don Cheadle.

The main problem with this movie is starts off very well but it has nothing to go on towards the middle it drags on. It gets very intense towards the end but this movie never lifts off. The acting is pretty good but Adam Sandler could have done better.

Overall not a great movie, good to see once but nothing more.

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Awesome Romantic movie, 31 March 2007

This movie is hilarious and the cast is amazing. This movie is about Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz who both have just got out of long term relationships and decide to switch places. Cameron Diaz decides to live where Kate Winslet is and Kate WInslet movies to LA where Cameron lives. The reason this movie works is the chemistry with all four characters. Jack Black is hilarious and I like his character in this movie, much better than Nacho Libre. Cameron Diaz is beautiful as always and her romantic chemistry with Jude Law works.

Go see this movie its funny, great cast, and has everything you need in a movie.

"The Nine" (2006)
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Amazing, 29 November 2006

Well I have watch all seven episodes of this show and I just found out today that abc cancel the nine. This show is amazing about nine people who survive a bank robbery. It tells the story of their lives after this dramatic event. I don't know why they would cancel a great show just because the ratings our falling. If abc was smart they would return the nine the same time they return Lost because it did very well when it was on after Lost. I always watched Lost first and wanted some more drama and The nine was right after. I didn't think ABC was like FOX cancelled every show. Big mistake ABC why don't you cancel an awful show like Desperate Housewifes.

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Very disappointed, 9 August 2006

This movie wasn't awful but it wasn't very good. I am a big fan Toni Collette I think she is a very beautiful and talented actress. The movie starts off about Robin Williams who is a writer and gets a book from a 14 year old kid. The book is great and he cant't believe a kid wrote it. Toni Collette plays the kids guardian who you don't know if this kid really exists or if she's making it all up. I am not gonna ruin the movie but I will say this the movie is not scary.

The acting is pretty good and Toni Collette's performance was awesome as well as Robin Williams.

The movie was a huge disappointment in my opinion I would wait for it to come to DVD.

Waist Deep (2006)
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I enjoyed it, 29 June 2006

I love movies about the ghetto and this one I enjoyed. The movie is about Tyrese Gibson whose son was kidnap by The Game. He meets Megan Good who tries to help him get back his son. Yes we have seen movies like this before but it still was a very good flick. I am not a big fan of Tyrese's movie example, Baby Boy which was awful. This movie has some funny parts, its a great drama, and it was very good.

Also Larenz Tate is in this movie who plays Tyrese cousins gives a pretty good performance but not as good as he did in Crash.

Check it out

8 out of 10 stars

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So many great actors and actress you can't go wrong, 29 June 2006

This movie is so funny it hurts. I love this movie and the singing. The cast is outstanding and this movie is a pure gem. I really enjoyed this movie because its fun and you have to see it.

I didn't expect such a great film. Lindsay Lohan is very good as the suicidal singer. Woody Harrleson is hilarious. Meryl Streep is magnificent as always. The cast in this movie is just right.

Please leave your house and go see this movie. A great flick and movie for a good old fashion fun time.

See it 8 out of 10 stars

Loved it

The Omen (2006)
Very disappointed, 29 June 2006

I do not like this movie very much. The release date in my opinion was probably the scariest thing. Julia stiles delivers a great performance but even herself can't save this movie. I don't understand why Mia Farrow was in this movie shes crazy but you don't know why. I just did not like this movie. I was excepted much more and was disappointed. First of all why did this movie get two thumbs up by Ebert and Roeper big mistake.

Why can't they ever make a good scary movie?

See it if you want to waste your money.

4 out of 10 stars

Shopgirl (2005)
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Amazing, 29 June 2006

This movie shines from start to finish. Clarie Danes performance is nothing short of Spectacular. Steve Martin is very good as well. This movie is about Claire Danes who works at Saks Fifth Avenue where she meets Steve Martin. Steve Martin is very intrigued by her and this is how everything gets started. He sends her a gift and the relationship starts. This movie was very good and I don't know how it didn't win any awards. Claire Danes should have been nominated for an Oscar.

Do yourself a favor see this movie and you will not regret it.

great movie and great performances

A must see

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Not bad but not awesome, 28 June 2006

I saw this movie last night and I was thinking to myself who is Brandon Routh. The movie starts off very interesting like Superman should start off. I had a problem with Clark's character I thought he wasn't that good but his Superman character was awesome. Kate Bosworth is amazing as Lois, she plays this character in her own way and it works.

Lex Luther as Kevin Spacey is Fantastic.

This movie was OK it kind of drags on towards the end for a bit but other than that I would recommend seeing it. The movie is not awesome but see it for the action, Kevin Spacey, and the beautiful Kate Bosworth.

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