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It's better than the first but is that saying anything at all?, 28 December 2007

AVP was unjustly given a death sentence in 2003 and by that i mean a PG-13 rating and writer/director Paul WS Anderson (Resident Evil/Mortal Kombat)it failed miserably among hardcore fans, average moviegoers were slightly amused, and critics despised it. Now Collin and Greg Strause two fanboys and first time directors bring us an R-Rated, gore infested Alien vs Predator sequel.

The movie follows the end of the first film where a hybrid alien/predator bursts through the chest of a dead predator on board their ship. The hybrid takes out a few predators until a blast from one of their shoulder cannons blows a hole in the ship sending it on a crash collision in a little village in Colorado. They definitely set the movie up well they found a way to toss the aliens and predator back on earth without some lame we once worshiped them aztec, pyramid back story, what i like is how the Strauses stay away from all of that contradictory bull$hit.

The movie suffers from a lot of set backs one it seems starved for attention. These guys seem to be willing to do anything to counteract Andersons terrible 2003 film and constantly drill the R-Rating into your head by killing kids, pregnant women, and implied babies. It's not that it offended me it just seemed like a desperate cry for attention a way for them to say "hey this one is R-Rated remember".

The creature effects are great although in certain places the CGI looks pretty bad almost sci fi channel quality but the predators look reminiscent of the classics and the aliens look bigger and more menacing. AVP-R looks to be an action fueled film, intended to be mindless fun and brain off entertainment. The biggest problem is that despite the loads of action none of it makes you feel excited or on edge it's you just watch it you do not get into it at all. Perhaps one of the key reasons of this is the fact that you can't see much with the dark lighting, especially during fight scenes all you can make out is some dreadlocks here a tail there, green blood spraying over here. The choppy editing doesn't help either it only furthers the lack of visibility.

The acting is actually alright there are very few bad actors in the film but they do stand out, the ditsy blonde feels like a Laguna Beach character her relationship with one of the protagonists is rushed and feels very unrealistic but hey who's looking for realism here. The direction of the film is right the went darker, more brutal, in a way more entertaining but the technical side of the movie needs work. A good little debut for the Strause brothers but they need to work on better editing, and better lighting they seem to be better writers then directors the exact opposite of Paul WS Anderson. Overall AVP-R somehow fails at being mindless fun but it tops the original which again isn't saying much at all.

Halloween (2007)
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Halloween comes early with a treat from Rob Zombie, 31 August 2007

Halloween has itself a legacy and it seems today that everyone goes overboard when somebody wants to remake or add to this legacy fearing that the original will be ruined. It blindsides me how people can be so judgmental about this film before it's release even though there have been seven horrible sequels that for me ruined the legacy of Halloween. Rob Zombie's remake does not pose as the original like the remakes for The Omen or The Grudge it has it's own unique take on a classic character.

People seem to have a pretty prejudice feeling for remakes because almost every message board I go to when one is announced is always flocking with negative posts on how it will ruin the original. Remakes have existed since the time of ancient Rome however as most plays salvaged from that period are simply Greek plays with different characters or slight tweaks in the story thus a remake. I feel this is one of the better remakes up there alongside Dawn Of The Dead, The Amityville Horror, and The Hills Have Eyes.

The acting I felt was I most cases very good and very convincing although certain characters are very cliché. Sheri Moon does an amazing job playing Michael's gutterslut mom who isn't at fault for where her life has brought her. She is the character you sympathize the most for as she does all she can to keep her family together, works all the time as a stripper because her dead beat husband won't do anything, and when Michael finally kills it breaks her down even more as all she's left with is her murdering son and her 8 month old or so daughter. Daeg ferch who plays young Michael has some line delivery problems but when acting with just facial expression or body expression he is the perfect Michael Myers as he is simply eerie to look at. The teenage characters with the exception of Laurie Strode are very cliché "bad" girls who are of course drinking and having sex throughout most of the film and no most of them cannot act very well however they are minimal characters so it doesn't take much from the overall picture. Malcolm MacDowell plays an interesting yet very underdeveloped child psychologist who after 17 years working with Michael decides to quit on him and move on however when Michael escapes he returns to prevent the death of Laurie Strode which at first is not Michael's plan.

The story is very interesting yet straightforward there are no twists and turns just a simple plot and one storyline. Rob uses all the scores from the original throughout the film to build suspense and surprisingly it works very well. The blood and gore which some would expect to dominate the movie works very well as it's not just a hack/slash film like any of the Friday The 13th, or Nightmare On Elm Street sequels. Rob uses suspense to build up the act of the murder and much like the film seven shows mostly the aftermath and not the kill. It's not the blood or gore that is meant to scare you though, what is meant to scare you is the violence which is terrifying because of it's realism and how relentless Michael is with that knife. The kills make you feel uneasy not sick to your stomach but very uneasy as you can put yourself in the victim's position much like Saw.

The remake seems to have a lot more depth than the original not that it's better but I honestly feel it's a pretty worthy addition to the franchise far more worthy than any of the 7 pathetic hack/slash sequels. Halloween is what Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning should have been a deep, frightening back story that dives in to the killers before and after persona's and gives us reason and the ability to see why he does what he does. If you have a weak stomach I guarantee you won't like this film not due to the gore but again to the realism of deplorable acts in this film there is a very realistic rape scene that will make you feel angry and uneasy at the same time and I know many who were outraged by the one in The Hills Have Eyes so any of you out there offended by that please do not see this film. If however you are looking for what today is a rare breed a good horror movie with an actual plot than see Halloween immediately because trust me it is the best slasher I've seen in years and a shockingly scary good time.

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Overrated Sitcom That Is Funny But Goes Nowhere, 21 August 2007

Chuck Lorre is in my opinion a pretty funny writer i was so so with Dharma and Greg, hated Roseanne, and once again i'm so so with Two and A Half Men. It seems though that Lorre is one of those guys that get better and better as they go so i'm looking very forward to The Big Bang Theory this fall on CBS. Now on to the sitcom everyone is hailing as the only worthwhile sitcom on TV for one that is a terrible terrible lie. Two and a Half Men is funny i enjoy it's sexual, crude, but intelligent humour but the show is extremely over rated. The characters do not develop or change or learn lessons and all the show plot wise goes absolutely nowhere every episode is funny but character wise uninteresting. Why Charlie Sheen is viewed as the star is beyond me and why he's up for an emmy is beyond the world because any true fan of the show should be well aware that Jon Cryer is the star. He's definitely the person who generates the best jokes and delivers his lines best he's also the only character who is eccentric or different while the others are very laid back and casual. Charlie Sheen basically just says his lines and he's lucky that they're very good lines or else the show wouldn't be funny. The show is quite entertaining and because of it's go nowhere characters can go on for a long time. Two and a Half Men is really just a bunch of good writers speaking through actors there really isn't anything that makes the characters three dimensional other than Jon Cryer and the boys's mom. From the beginning the show has pretty much only furthered the Alan and his ex wife plot line and not very far at all. I do enjoy the show and find it funny it has it's few classic episodes bu it's never had a "bad" episode at least so far and probably because the series is so ho hum that you're expectations aren't big going into it. I think it's one of the most over rated sitcoms in terms of it's constant emmy nominations but it is a huge and hilarious stepping stone for Chuck Lorre who get's better and better as he goes. Overall it's a good show to watch when not much else is on but you won't miss anything if you don't watch it for weeks.

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Children Of Boredom, 21 August 2007

I don't understand why anybody finds this film mind blowing, ground breaking and all the other over-hyped words used to describe this over-hyped movie. Children Of Men may have an interesting story that is smart and intelligent but a movie's purpose is to tell that story in an interesting way and Children Of Men doesn't not deliver good "film" qualities. Whether or not they were going for a Blair Witch feel the movie is filmed like a one camera sitcom or documentary with brutal shaking and extremely bad and unappealing visuals. Despite that, i'm sure they intended for this to add to the realism it does but you know what? real life is and looks boring that's why people watch movies. The flaws in the film technique keep you from concentrating on the plot which is complex and requires thought and attention but the sheer boredom of the movie keeps the mind uninterested and antsy. Clearly i'm alone here due to the enormously great reviews this film has gotten so bear in mind this is just my opinion for all i know you could love the film but hey that's what the internet is for free expression right??? It's just so difficult to get into this film because it doesn't even really catch your attention nor does it hold your attention but turns into one of those movies you impatiently and angrily await to end so you can know the plot's resolution obviously that means Children Of Men has great storytelling. If the only thing keeping you from shutting this off or walking out of the theater than you know the writers have done their job and it's the production team that has screwed things up. The acting is so so i generally enjoy Clive Owen but he seems less emotionless than usual which doesn't work when he isn't playing a bad@$$ action hero. Julianne Moore is great as usual but doesn't end up saving the film. The acting is really not bad at all Naomie Harris is awesome it's just the way it's shot, the pacing, the character development, everything is just so slow and so bland. I believe this was based on a book so my advice is to skip the movie and read the book.

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The King Of Queens, 18 July 2007

Adam Sandler and Kevin James are great in this hysterical and in the end uplifting comedy. You might be mis judging this comedy like most mis judged The Ringer as an excuse to crudely make fun of a specific group but like The Ringer it actually demonstrates a very positive message that people can learn from. Adam Sandler fans will love this movie because it's one of his better films in which he gives a funny performance without being too over the top like he was in Waterboy or Little Nicky. Kevin James is great as usual giving us a lovable good hearted character in which everything blows up in his face. These two make a great team for comedy as good and as lovable as Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels or David Spade and Chris Farley truly two funny guys you love to see play off of each others performances. In terms of the humour style much like Click it fits everyone's style of humour as it contains random, slapstick, witty, uplifting, insulting, over the top, character, and crude humour. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry will have pretty much everyone laughing and in the end won't be offending or angering anyone. Those who thought Jessica Biel would add or detract from the quality of the film don't worry as she doesn't do either she just gives a pretty steady performance without overshadowing anyone else or being overshadowed by everyone else. I think Adam Sandler is on a role due to his later films being much more uplifting and funny rather than just over the top funny. If Adam Sandler keeps up with Reign Over Me, Click, and now Chuck and Larry he will remain as lovable and memorable as legends like Rodney Dangerfield and Leslie Nielson. Kevin James to put it simply is a sitcom actor meaning he has amazing comedic timing and can always keep you laughing with lines that if said by anyone else would'nt be funny a very bright future for him and a great step forward with Chuck and Larry. My only complaints are within the fact that it gets a little sappy, and the storyline gets too out of this world and unbelievable at certain points. Overall it's a great movie and a real accomplishment for both Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

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Michael Bay Does It Again, 4 July 2007

Michael Bay once again delivers with the best Hollywood blockbuster of the summer which is saying a lot considering the large amount of great summer blockbusters this year. Spiderman 3 was disappointing but entertaining, Shrek The Third was funny but again disappointing, Pirates 3 was better than the second but not as good as the first and Fantastic Four 2 was entertaining but gave too much away in previews. Michael Bay's Transformers was pretty much my last hope in this years blockbusters and you can damn well bet that Transformers was the most satisfying, entertaining, and enthralling movie of the summer. I was never really one who followed the Transformers cartoons when i was young with the exception of Beast Wars but like most people not living under a rock i knew of their existence. After seeing Michael Bay's action packed and promising trailer i decided to familiarize myself with this franchise and honestly i did not like what i saw. I watched the original animated film and a spin off series called Transformers:Cybertron and while the film i felt was dated and cheesy the spin off which is a show of the 2000's was more cheesy with worse dialogue but they gave me the back story behind the Transformers and i was ready to roll. First of all Transformers is one of those movies you absolutely must see in theatres, IMAX if you can because the carnage, destruction, and mayhem is hardcore and gets you're adrenaline at an all time high. The script is surprisingly solid i figured Transformers would be 2 and a half hours of stuff blowing up but there is definitely intelligent writing behind it as well. The comedy is written perfectly i don't think i rolled my eyes once at any of the jokes because none of them sucked, and while it is sitcom like writing (meaning the actors timing makes or breaks the joke) it's not bad sitcom writing like in Ghost Rider it's hilarious and really does a great job at lightening the mood. The special effects are the best i've seen honestly better than Star Wars or Peter Jackson's King Kong absolutely flawless, nothing looks too CGI, nothing looks puppet like everything looks pretty damn real for a movie about transforming robots. The action is also extremely solid Shia LaBoef is great and definitely an up and comer however Megan Fox gives a passable performance she seemed to have some bad line delivery but still accomplished the job, Shia clearly overshadows her performance by a mile though. If you are a fan despite the little changes (Bumblebee is now a Camaro) it won't matter trust me they do such a great job at bringing a very difficult thing to the big screen with slight changes that don't detract from the overall picture. For non fans everything is explained very well you are not in need of searching for a back story before seeing the film, non fans will definitely enjoy the ride of full out non stop action. The movie overall met and slightly exceeded my expectations unlike every other film this summer so if you are expecting this movie to be amazing do not fear disappointment because it is more than meets the eye.

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The Only Idiots Are The One's Who Took This Seriously, 26 May 2007

Batman and Robin face the challenge of the deadly Mr.Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane as well as a jealousy conflict between each other and a new partner in Bat Girl.They must work together to stop Freeze from icing the entire city of Gotham.

After Batman Forever everyone should know his Batman films are an homage to the old campy comics and cheesy TV series.Batman and robin is as openly, blatantly obvious about being over the top and corny that anyone who takes it seriously is missing the point.You really think that the genius behind The Lost boys and The Number 23 would give us scenes like Batman playing ice hockey with bad guys, sky surfing, the Dr.Woodrow character, bat nipples on the suit, and Batman pulling out the "Bat Credit Card" to buy a night with Poison Ivy while trying to make a serious Batman movie...PLEASE! The acting is absolutely hilarious and every bit as campy as the rest of the film.The magnificent actors all give hilarious over the top performances as very eccentric and flamboyant characters that are every bit as corny and fun as The Evil Dead.The action screams out it's homage to the random gadgets and MacGyver like use of surroundings in the 1970's TV series.The script is purposely terrible you can tell as Schumacher picked out every one liner possible and made a script out of them.I honestly can't believe people took this seriously and to heart i think it's better than both of Burton's films which were also cheesy and over the top but with a far too serious tone but because Tim Burton's name was there no one will consider it bad.Burton is extremely overrated because we all know it was Jack Nicholson who carried the 1989 film.

Overall it's funny, it doesn't take itself seriously at all yet stubborn people without a sense of humour label it as an "atrocity" I've actually read that somewhere...sad.Giving this a bad review because it was cheesy is like giving a bad review to Evil Dead, Freddy vs Jason, or Mars Attacks!.Overall a perfect Batman parody and a good homage to the awesomely cheesy 70's show all that was missing was a little POW! SOCK! WHAP!

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Over The Top Brain Off Entertainment, 26 May 2007

In this sequel to 2002's video game adaptation of Resident Evil.The virus has escaped to the city and Alice has escaped with abnormal abilities and is aiding a group of survivors left for dead by the deceitful Umbrella Corporation who plan to nuke it to get rid of and cover up the zombie epidemic by all means necessary.

Resident Evil Apocalypse is the perfect popcorn movie one of which you cannot take seriously at all.It's pure entertainment and it knows it is and it delivers what it promises to contain, a rush of non-stop action.The movie strays further away from the games but adds two existing game characters Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliviera.This movie is meant as a big budget action film it's supposed to be over the top and it's supposed to be a special effects extravaganza so of course critics will over-analyze it and label it as garbage but those critics don't know how to have a good time.

The elements of cinema here are actually very good aside from one thing.The acting is awesome a big improvement from the first Milla Jovovich is more intense, Oded Fehr is as cool as ever, Sienna Guillory is bad @$$, and Mike Epps is a riot.The visual effects are no longer grainy and cold looking but they're sleek, glossy, with a Tim Burton kind of feel by which i mean a lot of night settings but with lots of various colours in the night settings.The dialogue is just brutal, it's unbelievably cliché and not in a purposeful, campy way it's just plain old bad dialogue and it totally distracts you from the films mood.Aside from that there's more adrenaline pumped action, better gun brawls, amazing martial arts choreography, great explosions, and realistic gore.The plot is really interesting you really want to know the secrets of Umbrella and once again were are left with a giant cliffhanger that gets us looking forward to the third movie in theatres September 2007.

Overall I have to say taking the film in a much lighter and humorous tone made it far easier to enjoy the over the top action and entertaining storyline unfold.It's obviously just made for fun, there's no uplifting message just pure brain off entertainment.Paul WS Anderson steps down as director but still contributes as writer which is very evident as everything else seemed to improve but the dialogue got worse lol.See it for the special effects and don't expect a brilliant adaptation of Resident Evil 2 or a terrifying zombie flick like Dawn Of The Dead expect to be entertained and you will be.

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Not A Good Adaptation But A Fun Movie, 26 May 2007

Resident Evil follows a team of commando's investigating an underground biolab after a reported incident occurs inside of it.The incident is more severe then any of them suspected as the former employees are dead but they are still walking around and they are hungry.

Seeing as Resident Evil was originally a groundbreaking horror game you'd think this film adaptation would be a mirror image of it however this movie only has elements of the game in it spread out through various visual effects, lighting, and set design everything else is completely different.Director Paul WS Anderson (Mortal Kombat,AVP) intended this movie to be a prequel to the game and show how and why the viral infection escaped however many did not know this and immediately hated it because the storyline and characters in the movie were never in the game.

The elements of this movie are a mixed bag.The acting is very good especially Milla Jovovich, Eric Mabius, and James Purefoy but Michelle Rodriguez gives her one trick pony tough girl act again.The script is at times suspenseful and at times god awful mostly coming from poor dialogue and badly delivered one liners.Visually the film is gritty and very grainy with a very cold colour temperature which creates suspense but looks at times boring and unappealing.The music in the movie is also mixed sometimes it's absolutely perfect others it's loud and overbearing however the main score is an absolute masterpiece thank you Marilyn Manson.The action is raw and hardcore, the gun brawls are great but the hand to hand is weak and cheesy especially when it's Milla vs the zombie dogs.The special effects are pretty good but at times far too unrealistic and far too fake looking for example some of the gore and CGI effects(the licker is obviously CGI).

This is probably Paul WS Andersons best film it's not perfect, it's not brutal but gamers probably won't like it too much.The film is mildly entertaining but the lack of special effects and good hand to hand choreography you generally see in an Anderson film (Mortal Kombat,Soldier) are missing in the otherwise fun film.The trailer isn't misleading if you've seen it you know what you're getting into n action/horror that isn't supposed to be taken too seriously.

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American Dad is to Family Guy as Futurama is to The Simpsons, 26 May 2007

When The Simpsons got slow and started losing it's spark Matt Groening decided to focus ideas elsewhere and partnered up with David X Cohen to create Futurama which was expected by many just to be a lame rip off of The Simpsons however it was a smash hit and in my personal opinion is better than The Simpsons.American Dad! went through the exact same thing as everyone expected it to be Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy 2 but once again American Dad! is a huge hit and in my opinion better than Family Guy.We have the basic formulaic family set up the father,mother,brother, an sister but with the addition of an alien and a talking fish were talking a new spin on an old idea.The characters are absolutely amazing and original even better than Stewie or Peter Griffin.We have Stan the overprotective father who works for the CIA and is demeaning,racist,fascist,violent,overbearing,stubborn, and close minded basically a Republican exaggerated and blown way out of proportion.Francine is the semi ditsy mother who keeps to herself and is 100% comfortable being a housewife, she's soft and mothering but with an extremely psychotic side as well.Steve is the geeky teenage son who cares about nothing but boobs and Star Trek his father is ashamed of him as Steve is extremely nerdy.Hayley is liberal hippie daughter who is constantly doing weed,rebelling, protesting, and giving hypocritical speeches during the show basically your exaggerated Liberal blown out of proportion.Roger steals the show as the effeminate alien whom the family found at Area 51 and have been secretly keeping secretly in the attic, Roger is outrageously funny he' whiny, b*tchy, and addicted to TV basically a woman going through a middle aged crisis but in n alien body.Klaus has basically served more as a supporting character the family pet a German talking fish he serves his purpose with some good one liners but he for the most part just gets in the way and it's evident as he is more and more excluded in each episode.The show is nothing like Family Guy this is like Seth MacFarlanes South Park his show to voice his political and social commentary in an extreme over the top and offensive way.This show constantly makes fun of liberals and republicans and carries some of the wittiest and most laugh out loud hilarious lines in TV history not to mention Patrick Stewart as a lovable supporting character named Bullock.American Dad! is amazing political satire without the flashbacks, character similarities, and random humour of Family Guy.

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