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Could have been better, 17 April 2006

Well,I don't like Keanu Reeves that much he just happens to be in a few of the movies i happen to like. This is based on a comic book about John Constantine, a man who is doomed to end up in hell but fights demons anyway. He is helping a detective find out her twins motive for suicide. He meets the Angel Gabriel and Satan. He visits Hell several times during the movie. The acting, considering i don't like Keanu Reeves could have been better, and maybe he could have redeemed himself to me. The violence in this movie is fairly tame, but has a few intense scenes of action. The language is no bad at all, only 2 uses of the F-word through the whole movie. I don't recall any sexual content. If you can sit through Reeves monotonous voice you could enjoy this sleek action/supernatural thriller. I enjoyed it enough to want to watch it more than once so check it out.

Dead Birds (2004)
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This movie takes place in the 1800's, and follows a group of bank robbers. After making a robbery the group of criminals escape to a house through a big corn field, and they are attacked by a creature that appears to be a dog with no hair. While they are in the house it begins to rain outside and they are haunted by more demons it is not very scare and i maybe only jumped once tho whole time. The whole film just seemed boring. The violence is ridiculous, the blood very over done, (e.g. heads exploding at gunfire, blood splattering onto the wall, blood spraying from a wound) and it is actually funny, though unintentionally. The language is not that bad at all, I can recall no uses of the F-word, but two uses of the N-word as a label towards a black man. There a scene of sex with no nudity. Overall i would pass on this film but you may find something you like here.

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This is funny, 17 April 2006

This is the only modern zombie movie that I could actually sit through and enjoy,mainly because it makes fun of the genre throughout. Now, don't get me wrong I enjoy horror movies,its just the idea of the dead walking and eating you alive,its too ridiculous. But this movie is hilarious. The horror aspect of the movie is only in the violence which is also part of the comedy aspect. There are a lot of funny situations in this movie, and it is a good movie just to sit with a bunch of buddies and laugh like idiots. The violence in this movie is over the top and bloody, but is is supposed to be funny, which it is. THe language is constant, with plenty of uses of the F-word, and I believe a few of the S-word. There is very little sexual content except for this line "Get f***** four eyes!". i enjoyed this movie and found it hilarious, and i recommend you see soon if you haven't already.

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Great!, 17 April 2006

This is based on the Stephen King short story called "Secret Window, Secret Garden". It is about Mort Rainey, a mystery writer who had recently divorced his wife because she has cheated on him. He is struggling with the loss and lives in a cabin on lake with his beloved dog. The movie begins with him taking a nap (he does that a lot in this movie) when he hears a knock on the door, at the door there is a man blaming him of plagiarism. He soon finds out that this man,John Shooter, is very serious about the story situation, he find s his beloved dog dead, along with a few other people. Who is this John Shooter? Does he even exist? Is Mort just plain crazy? Find the answer to all of these questions in this drama/thriller. The violence in this film is scarce but pretty graphic. The language is constant, but since it is PG-13 there is only one use of the F-word, with many used of the S-word. The sexual content is the basis of the movie. Overall i love this movie and recommend it to anyone, though some may find it boring.

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Another one of my favorites, 17 April 2006

I am surprised to see Ashton Kutcher in such a great, thought provoking film,he was outstanding in this movie! He gave great emotion and you really felt the stress he was feeling(the first half of the film is the character Evan's childhood)The film begins with Evan at the age of seven and he begins having blackouts. The story continues to show Evan in college. Later we find out that Evan can go back in time to change certain key events in his life (which if i told would spoil the movie)but doing so has consequences. The violence in this movie is pretty strong and there is much blood in this movie (but not buckets and buckets) and some of it is towards children. This movie is not for children, there are many scenes of sex,but very little nudity(some is shown by accident i think) and there is a scene with a reference to child porn. The language is constant with many, many occurrences of the F-word, and many of the S-word. Overall this movie is highly enjoyable and entertaining, but it should not be shown to children under the age of 17.

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Wayy different the the book, 17 April 2006

I would like to start this review off by saying that Tim Burton is one of the most talented and gifted directors to ever appear in Hollywood.In this retelling of the Legend of Sleep Hollow by Washingtom Ivring. In this movie Ichabod Crane is not an English teacher but a New Yrok Constable in the year 1799. The acting in this film is phenomenal Johnny Depp gives quite a performance as Ichabod. He pull off the role quite nicely and is even squeamish like in the book. Now to the violence, decapitations, as you probably know this is the story of Ichabod's disbelief of the legend of the Headless Horseman,who cuts off heads quite cleanly (which is why Ichabod is in Sleepy Hollow in the first place). Now, the decapitations while shown, are not deserving of an R-rating and I believe this film could have gotten away with a PG-13, though there are a few scenes of graphic blood. There is no language or sexual content in this film, which is another reason i believe it could have gotten away with a PG-13. I loved this movie and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a haunting good time

Saw II (2005)
The First One is Better, 17 April 2006

This is the sequel to the bloody SAw and I personally think the series could have gotten away with only making one. The first one actually made you think, as in the second Saw it's basically showcasing the creative and gory ways to kill someone. Mentioning the gore, this is one of the bloodiest movies I have ever seen the violence is in your face and bloody ( e.g. slit throats, attacking an old man, a gun shot to the eyes). There is minimum sexual content, but a few harsh insults to women including things like "The only door you open is between your legs.". This movie basically focuses on brutal and bloody violence and countless uses of the F-word. I enjoyed this movie but really could have lived without seeing it. I would recommend it if your in for a bloody, and twisted gore fest.

Underworld (2003)
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Awesome!One of my Faves!!, 17 April 2006

This movie gives the viewer a completely different view on vampires and werewolves.I liked that the two species were at war and how they cease to have contact with each other. The violence in this movie, while scarce, is very extreme (e.g. face being torn with bloody results,a beheading,gunfights)but makes sense for the to species. There is very little language with only three uses of the F-word and one of the S-word.This is a a fairly long movie with a lot of detail and a lot of long conversations, this is the only reason I only gave this movie a nine instead of a ten.Iwould definitely recommend this movie to anyone, and I have yet to see the sequel, I am waiting for it on DVD.

Doom (2005)
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It was pretty good, 17 April 2006

I have seen this movie with a bunch of my buddies, and we were all into it (despite a few comments going back and forth about the acting) we loved it But we seemed to be laughing half the time because of some moments of bad acting and the overuse of the F-word. This is a pretty violent movie with some blood, but has nothing to crazy. The one thing that makes this the best video game to movie transition is the 5 minute first person sequence (which has some of the most blood in the movie.) Overall this movie was good not great.The acting could have been better and it could fill in some plot holes,but otherwise it's a very good movie.