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"Bodies" (2004)
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Outstanding, riveting stuff - a far cry from the vapid dross which often passes for drama in the UK, 14 December 2006

The finale of Bodies has just aired in the UK and I can say without doubt that this is the most compelling and tense drama to come out of Britain for a very long time. Combining an acting and shooting style both muscular and assured in execution; a brave, gripping, convincing script and appropriately realistic prosthetics, Bodies is hard to beat in its genre. With all the colourless, vapid dross being churned out on British TV nowadays, it seems almost unbelievable that the BBC in its wisdom saw fit to axe it.

Max Beesley brings a riveting, pinched intensity in his outstanding portrayal as hard-done-to doc Rob Lake struggling in a sea of incompetence, dishonesty and sheer managerial mediocrity. His central, career-defining role in tandem with oleaginous Dr Whitman (Keith Allen), comely foils Donna Rix (Neve McIntosh), Polly Grey (Tamzin Malleson) and his nemesis, the pusillanimous, dangerous Roger Hurley (Patrick Baladi), provides the viewer with an at times uncomfortable but undeniably unmissable experience.

There is no sentiment at work here, no shirking away from numerous, unpalatable aspects of the British NHS or dilution of the viscera involved in child delivery. Bodies is destined to remain a classic TV series; a far cry from the cloying sloppiness and user-friendly mollycoddling of, say, the BBC's Casualty. Closer in concept to ER yet far superior in the sheer quality of the conflict on screen, Bodies packs a bloody punch as a tremendous watching experience which has yet to be unsurpassed in medical drama.

Highly. highly recommended.

"Brigada" (2002)
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A step in the right direction for modern Russian TV, 12 February 2004

With its high production values, soap-opera-like watchability and entertainingly realistic portrayal of the sort of criminals which emerged from Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Brigada is highly recommended. Not to be compared to The Sopranos, Brigada is best appreciated by those who have an interest, or at least good knowledge of modern vs. pre-1991 Russia. Very popular in Russia, the series deserves to be marketed and broadcasted in the US and Europe.

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stirring stuff, 16 December 2002

A startlingly vivid, realistic (one would assume), compelling and highly moving account of WWII in Europe seen through the eyes of Easy Company, a US battalion of paratroopers. Far more than a mere battle actioner, the vicissitudes, psychological and physical effects of war, the sheer human cost, are all portrayed here to unforgettable effect.

Well-filmed, well-acted - especially by Damian Lewis and Ron Livingston - though fine acting, excellent cinematography and battle choreography are all constantly on display. A must-see watch for anyone who may doubt that to never have seen action in war is a blessing indeed.