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Good movie, great comments!, 28 January 2004

The comments entered by imdb users are a living proof to the importance of this movie. The creation x evolution debate is still very much alive a century after the theory was published and half a century after the movie was made.

While movies from the same era reflect debates that were settled long ago ("To kill a mockingbird", for example) and therefore became dated, the science x faith issue continues and this movie remains mandatory for all...

Apart from the relevance of the central issue, the movie is engaging, funny and the performances are superb.

Make sure you read the user comments posted here too.

The Kid (2000)
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I liked it more than I expected to, 5 February 2001

I saw this on a plane. You know, you are strapped to a chair and forced to watch whatever garbage they put up there.

And I have to say I actually had fun. Some scenes are sugary and over the top but the kid's performance is above average for children actors. Casting was perfect.

One thing though: the music is inappropriate, heavy-handed and sometimes ruins the scenes. It is like asking Richard Wagner to write for an intimate comedy. Very weird.

But I strongly recommended the movie to my mom. It is that kind of movie.

Timecode (2000)
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Form, form, form, form..., 29 January 2001

I respect the challenge that this movie presented. Four cameras running in real time, with synchronized events? Wow. But without an engaging story the challenge is equivalent to building a replica of the Empire State Building out of matches. Impressive but pointless.

If you are a movie student it is worth seeing. Maybe you can turn this great idea into a real movie.

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Good introduction to Brazilian movies, 28 January 2001

It is a precious gem. The story of the Caravana Rolidei, a group of poor traveling circus performers, is as fresh today as the first time I saw it. The caravan travels in the Brazilian countryside in a time where television is taking over and making all other sorts of entertainment obsolete. Very touching, very Brazilian, very easy to find in your video store.

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Political AND interesting, 28 January 2001

I love this movie.

I don't enjoy political movies in general, like the ones that Costa Gavras make. Usually they are so busy educating people on the issues that they forget the real point of a movie - to tell a good story.

The Official Story is an exception in the genre: it is well written, well acted, has characters that you can relate to... AND tells a story that helps you understand violence as committed by the state. It is moving, has a human dimension as opposed to epic and detached.

A perfect 10.

Deterrence (1999)
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Is this a way to end such a great movie? (no spoilers), 24 January 2001

An inexcusable ending prevents me from rating this movie a perfect ten.

>The premise of the movie is reason enough to see it (a movie about total nuclear destruction that takes place in a Colorado diner???). The strength of the actors and the script make this a memorable experience.

The conclusion, though...