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Dragon Ball Evolution Review, 8 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For many years not, the cult phenomenon Dragon Ball Z has been praised and fans have been dying for an effective and superb adaptation of the series. However, Hollywood made a smart decision in an attempt to begin the saga, Dragon Ball from the very start. 'Z' was to acknowledge a change in the series as we see the characters had matured. Now to the matter at hand. Dragon Ball Evolution is not a faithful adaption, neither is it a good one. So to make points seem fair to fans and non-fans alike I'll apply a 'For And Against Argument'.

Topic: Is Dragon Ball evolution a good movie? To answer that I would say no because I am a fan of the series but I am open minded and decided justify the movie as a whole, fan based and on its own merits.

For/ It is a good Movie .The special effects were not half bad .Ki attacks, while not looking like what fans hoped for was okay at best

Against/ Dragon Ball Evolution is a horrendous movie . Characters are not similar to the ones we have loved for so any years. . Characters such as Krillin, Kami and a few are missing . Goku Going to high school is a big deal as it destroys the entire character that is Goku along with other elements presented in this movie .The entire story is just plain dumb . Absence of character development . Action is toned and thus lack of excitement .Ki attacks, especially kamehameha blast is obnoxious to look at .Plain simple, fans are gonna hate it and I'm betting so is everyone else

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Better than the the other resident evil movies, 17 January 2009

Resident Evil Degeneration is Pretty solid on many levels when it comes to a movie:- 1. Good Voice acting- everyone seems to enjoy their dialogue and so does the audience 2. The story- while it doesn't live up to the stories of the RE games its still pretty good and not too predictable 3. The action - top notch. The action is well executed, stylish and not overdone. 4. The CGI- Visually amazing and a breakthrough for all cgi movies to come

The Bad:- 1. Leon- while he still is the zombie ass-kicking hero we love, his character is just out of place and so is his charming boyish face. He looks like he's in his 40's and way too stiff. I was just praying for him to punch a cheesy one liner but sadly he never does.

2. Claire- while she isn't useless in the movie she isn't given much screen time either. She's just there.

Overall, RE Degeneration is rock solid

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the best of the best, 11 April 2008

Cowboy Bebop is a series that should need no introduction to anime fans. However, for anyone unfamiliar with the show, it's basically about space bounty hunters set to an old time jazz music soundtrack with plenty of classy old time stories and dark morals along the way. If you like action, space, jazz, or comedy, you may like Cowboy Bebop. If you like old time bounty hunter, private eye, or detective movies, you'll probably like Cowboy Bebop. If you like dark stories with twists that really make you feel for the characters, you'll like Cowboy Bebop. This is one series you don't have to be an anime fan to appreciate, but you have to be willing to give it a fair chance.

A single episode of Cowboy Bebop packs more punch than a bruce willis movie. If you're not a fan of the show by the end of episode one alone, you probably won't be. The characters are as real as any old time bounty hunter / detective movie, and every bit as interesting. The sci-fi space twist doesn't take away from the show in the slightest, it adds much. A good way of thinking about the show is Lupin the 3rd mixed with Outlaw Star, with more depth. With episode titles like Asteroid Blues, Honky Tonk Woman, Waltz for Venus, and Jupiter Jazz, the space, class, and jazz heavy style is quite apparent from the beginning. This isn't just some theme slapped on top of an anime, rather a critical part of the show.

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i am legend rocks, 5 January 2008

This by far was one of the greatest films of 2007. I just loved it. The thrills, the action, the direction and to top it all Will Smith's best performance to date. Here in this film we have a post apocalyptic NYC and Robert Nevill( Will Smith) is the only man accompanied by his pet dog Sam. We have indeed heard most plots like these yet this movie goes far above the likes of 28 days or weeks later and i'm a big fan of those movies yet I like I am legend way better. Of course 28 days or weeks later has better thrills, more gore, better monsters and high octane scenes. Yet ( i can't believe a big fan of gore is saying this) I am legend is deeply emotional and focuses on its main character largely and the authenticity of a post apocalyptic world. But the best thing that I loved about this movie is that Will Smith's performance was pure brilliance. I only wished they could award him with an Oscar. Because he carried this film so well with great emotional performances and give a new definition to the post apocalyptic era. By far THIS IS THE BEST AND I MEAN IT. THE BEST POST APOCALYPT HORROR, DRAMA MOVIE EVER.

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best show ever, 22 December 2007

god this is by far my second favourite show. my first being naruto. anyway dbz is alomst perfect. the voice acting, the emotion the story that keeps u yearning for more and the cool action scenes. this is probably one of the best shows around. i mean whats to hate about it. its utterly almost flawless. except the only problems i see is that the villains were never really properly placed with personalities or any backdrops why they are this way. dbz focuses on the saiyan goku being the worlds strongest and the adventure that revolve around him. after hearing this u might say " hey this sounds simple, probably just plain entertainment. but its more than that. each episode is complex and a trademark by its own means. 10 out of 10. awesome show

TMNT (2007)
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The greatest TMNT movies ever in my life., 21 April 2007

I am not much of a big fan of the teenage mutant ninja turtles but I have seen all the movies in their franchise. And I have to admit that this is the best one so far. To tell you the truth this is the movie that inspired to comment on a movie for the past 8 months. To start it off the new plot for Tmnt was truly complex and new. The writers seriously thought of something worth watching. The characters were well voiced and 'acted out'. The relationship between Raph and Leo could not have been much more better than to settle it out with a meaningful fight. Even though the rest of the characters weren't too focused on I still this this movie is awesome. The violence was okay I guess but if it were PG-13 I bet Kevin Munroe would have seriously added a lot more violence too it. The villains were unique and were quite evil and 'human' at the same time. This ain't that usual plot with a crazy maniac in it. So to rap this movie up I say it's quite unique and deserves much more credit than it stands for. I hope it can get a 7. something on IMDb but I'm still pleased. 9/10 for me.

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I have never experienced anything like this, 3 February 2007

This is the greatest horror film i have ever seen. Maybe even better than Alien. We heard about the reviews and my wife being a horror lover decided to rent the movie. I was like this is dumb. But boy was i wrong. This film made me scared i almost fainted. The characters were so innocent and believable that you actually cared for them even though this is a far beyond fictional film. I mean most horror films are about sex,sex,sex and a lot of bad acting, bad directing, almost bad everything. Yet this film has some very good and convincing actors for a horror movie. The descent portarys to be a film of equal adrenaline rush, thriller and horror. This film makes most adrenaline rush action films look like a joke and the suspense is like a factor of your worst nightmare. The gore and screams are just right. The fight for survival is excellent. Neil marshall is an excellent working director. I kinda think this film should'a get a golden globe for best director. It sounds strange but honestly. This film is worth the time and thrill.

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One of the best Sci-fi monster movie of the 20th century, 30 August 2006

King Kong vs Godzilla was and still is one of the best Japanese monster movie ever. As we all know everyone loves these two monsters that have terrorized Japan with their huge menacing bodies. And we all want to know who wins, right? So 10 years after the first Godzilla movie was made, the King Kong vs Godzilla was the next hit. I love the whole idea of the story that sounds suitable and convincing enough to attract the audiences and two huge menacing monsters.

The special effects and animation is very powerful for a movie made in the 60's. The Japanese actors are very persuasive and you can think that they're in a real event. The total destruction of Tokyo could never be any better. The imagination of the director's mind speaks for itself in this movie. He totally wants you to get the whole idea of the monster battle between King Kong and Godzilla. The direction is realistic. So is the acting. But character development was never shown in this movie. But I guess that the battle is what it's all about.

The monsters were perfectly destructive and when they fought they sure crushed the city to its knees. This aspect of the movie makes the characters interact with the eventual situation well. That idea was well thought of. Some movies like these never show good interaction.

Except for my favorite scene being the battle between King Kong and Godzilla another was when the musical natives put King Kong to sleep. That was funny. Now about the hilarious moments in the movie. Well the movie was indeed serious business but some jokes relieve you from all the excitement which is good otherwise your head would start thinking what will happen next.

Most of the characters in the story play a good enough role but some are very useless. That is one of the worst part of the movie. Another is we still don't who won. This made me really mad because I was rooting for Godzilla. I mean that guy's got fire for breath, a long tail and huge teeth. What chance does Kong have.

Other than that this is a movie worth seeing if you love to see cities crumble.

"Yu-Gi-Oh!" (2000/I)
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A descent anime that introduces a millennium of power and destruction, 29 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yu-Gi-Oh is a fair enough cartoon with it's own clever plots. The main plot is one of a fantasy series that focuses both on the adults and children's. But most of the plots that are impressive, overdoes the childish behavior. The drawings are okay. Yu-Gi-Oh's drawings are normal just like any other anime.That is the human drawings. But the monsters are in good shape and have the potential destructive power whether tiny or huge in size. The characters have different qualities that make the show good but some of them spoils it and makes it useless to the series. Character development in the other hand is way better than Pokemon. The battling is clever and very impressive. It takes a lot of skills to play in order to be the victor. That must be the main reason I like Yu-Gi-Oh. The introduction is good and bad at times. The villains are very persuasive. Yu-Gi-Oh is recommended for boys from the age of 6 to 17. But the fans should not attempt to view because it is a disgrace to fans all over the world.

"Pokémon" (1997)
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It's wicked conspiracy brain washes too many kids, 29 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Pokemon has been my favorite show ever since I was 12 years. I used to love the old series but ever since the new series came out I was more in love with it. Even up to now, but it is a brain washer to kids filled with its hokey poky business. Pokemon does indeed have some good plots(at times). The setting is shear beautiful poetic art. The battle moves are intriguing but sometimes boring. My favorite is Ash. The kids has nerves of steel but his character development is quite too simple and bit critically insane.The legends are quite cool and unique in their shape but power show no kind of potential destruction. Introduction of people with interaction of Ash and friends is plain like normal persons do but it gets sickening and boring. The movies in the other hand is good. Elemental weakness sometimes seem unfair. Like when fire beats water.But this is good for kids. Not adults. Kids are unable to understand sometimes that is why. But once again it is fair enough.

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