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Max Payne (2008)
More like a tribute, 23 January 2009

The story is very loosely based off of the game. I was hoping for an exact retelling of the game but that's not what this is.

The visuals are great and capture the feeling of the game Max Payne, Mona Sax, Nicole Horne and Jack Lupino all look like those characters, there are hints at the game, very small snippets of the original score, design, mood that come across very well and there are even hints of the plot but the new stuff that's been added comes together to make for a rather sub-par movie at best. If you're a big fan of the game you'll enjoy a few things but don't expect much and if you're not a fan of the game don't even bother.

The 11th Hour (2007/I)
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In dire need of better editing, 27 August 2007

In this you see shots of various landscapes both littered and pristine, shots of Leonardo DiCaprio talking to the camera around Los Angeles and various opinions from all sorts of people which all get meshed together to announce many things. It's too much. Out of the whole movie, I saw 45 minutes that didn't feel like an overindulgence in excess or a waste of time. The rest of the time, people are just reiterating things that were said previously amongst many vague facts and a few things that are being developed to help the planet. I wish more time had been spent on the things being developed and less on things just happening for no reason. A waterfall, a littered beach, an environmentalist, how about a break? Yeesh. This could have easily been condensed into a TV special.

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Terrible, 27 August 2007

When anti-bush jokes get really easy to do, a show like this had better make sure it has something extra. When that something extra is kid versions of political figures making jokes about the future they don't have yet, it's just plain nonsense. Dick Cheney and George Bush are done well but Dick Cheney mutters mostly. There's also Condoleeza Rice who has a crush on Bush for some reason and Donald Rumsfeld who isn't really that similar to Donald Rumsfeld at all. The democratic characters rarely give their names so it's a mystery as to who could be who aside from Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

The episodes have coherent stories but that's not nearly enough to keep this from sinking.

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A great film which has a secret that brings it down a bit, 14 August 2007

Anyone who has seen this should know it's a hard movie to review without giving away the big secret associated with it.

As I was watching it, I was surprised it hadn't been picked up by a distributor but after it ended, I realized why. Unfortunately it's not a secret that appears at the end of the movie and if you do too much poking around before watching this, you'll be able to figure it out on your own which will ruin your experience. I highly suggest seeing this without doing too much research on it. Not wanting to go blind into it? The movie follows a thief who cases places and then robs them. He goes from one job to the next staying two steps ahead of the people filming him by being mysterious but very revealing at the same time.

This is a well-shot film that also does a fine job of holding your attention. It's really captivating from the first few minutes and the movie doesn't let up until the end. However, the secret associated with the movie brings it down a bit. Highly recommended otherwise.

The Ten (2007)
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Starts off pretty funny and loses a fair amount of it, 13 August 2007

Never having seen The State, I cannot claim to know any inside jokes if there were any in this movie but I have seen Wet Hot American Summer and Drop Dead Gorgeous and I thought those were great movies.

These are ten vignettes outlining the ten commandments. Some scenes go on way too long but there's enough fun to keep the movie going.

The fact that there's the back story happening between the vignettes makes this easier to tolerate later on when things start getting mixed up and significantly less funny. The humor is still there but nothing really comes close to the first few. The same characters pop up all over the movie though and there are lots of different types of humor that keep it going though. At a few times it really feels like a parody movie but it's also got a fair amount of satire, apparent improvised bits and an ending which you should be glad to see by the time it gets there.

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See it at least once, 13 August 2007

The Simpsons Movie breaks a lot of ground for the show by doing things that the show could never hope to do such as partial 3D animation for the majority of the time and various edit-worthy bits. Some things might be shark-jump worthy for certain characters by breaking their innocence but that's probably worrying too much.

There are certain characters who only get one line and some characters who speak much more than they should as well.

There are lots of good jokes that are in this movie but a problem that keeps more of them from working is how horrible the timing is in this. During the show, there are points where people will take too long to react to something someone has said and that really hurts the joke. That happens a lot in this.

It's not as funny as the best episodes of the show but it's far above the worst ones and worth mostly anyone's time. Worth owning? Debatable.

Oh and what's up with Rainer Wolfcastle being President Schwarzenegger? That's just dumb.

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A slide show is a not a movie, 13 August 2007

The movie opens up with a long single shot of aisles in factory crammed with workers. My, what we've done to the planet you might think. I hope we get to see other things like this.

That's very rare. When you're not looking at a horribly filmed angle of the narrator at a lecture hall, you're watching him set up his camera to take pictures in different locations. It'd be nice if chose areas that were more fitting with his topic but he doesn't. So, then you'll hear some more narration, watch a few pictures go by and watch him set up his camera. Why not use the filming camera to show more of the landscapes instead? It really kills any sense of pacing and paints the guy as more of vain jerk.

I could read tips on how someone set up their camera, fast forward through this whole movie and waste a lot less time.

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Your acceptance to this will entirely depend on your stance on gay issues and dumb laughs, 13 August 2007

It's definitely not without it's faults because up against Kevin James, Adam Sandler seems to be not caring about doing a good job for the majority of the time. There's a lot of pandering down to the audience with jokes and of those jokes, a high number of them are obviously gay jokes. Depending on your perception of gay issues, they might be viewed as gross-out jokes. It's hard to tell what the movie is going for. I imagine it will do little for gay rights because the way it presents itself and that's a shame because this would have been a great opportunity to open people up to accepting gay lifestyles. The ending tries to push that message across but then the ending takes the Hollywood way out and becomes very unrealistic.

However, Kevin James and Adam Sandler mesh well and there are many cameos which help. It's a feel good movie. If you can see it for a heavily discounted rate or on cable, you should enjoy it.

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Feels much more shoddy than the previous two, 13 August 2007

What seemed so tight in the other two movies wasn't even worth thinking about but there are numerous flaws here which makes this entry feel very loose.

First, the plot is very slow for the first half of the movie and then way too fast. They don't even get to Paris until an hour into the movie and when they do, the movie quickly starts to wrap up. However before they leave, there's time for a pointless fight in a dojo with a very tall man.

The action scenes aren't as spectacular as the first two and there's some strange rule for this movie that doesn't let up with humor in points. It seems as if the movie is afraid to go stop joking around and that leaves room for a lot of jokes that fall flat.

I was entertained enough not to get bored but I wouldn't watch it again or even recommend it.

Eli Roth is capable of making better movies than this., 19 June 2007

Hostel 2 has a basic plot of same thing, different gender but it elaborates on the business to keep it from being merely a rehash and it does that by going behind the scenes to follow two customers on their way to take part in the twisted experience. When the movie isn't following the behind the scenes crowd, it's just a lower quality rehash of the first movie. Except in this one you know the order people are going to die right when you meet them, you know who the enemies are right when they're introduced and the only surprises left are how everything is going to wrap up. There are a few surprises in here that can be missed if you're not looking closely enough but they're buried under lots of bad jokes that don't work and just the feeling that you're watching a great director phone it in.

For example, his fake trailer in Grindhouse was an effective parody of the slasher genre but while he wasn't looking he became a parody of himself with this movie. Don't expect anything going in because that's what you'll get.

P.S. - Whoever is saying there's more gore in this one is wrong. There's a very short, very squeamish scene but everything else is obviously fake and there's less of it.

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