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A developing list.
Sculptures of the Louvre, 2006. Each piece is put into it's historical context. Fascinating. View on Amazon:
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Horses -29 movies (donkeys also). Dogs, cats, otters, beavers, birds, seals, camels, wolfs, gorillas, orangutans, toads, elephants, rabbits, and more.
Disney, general audience, adult themed, documentary, comedy, tragedy.
Films I like, or find worth checking out.
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Dogs in 38 movies, includes wolves.

Koko and Robin Williams on Youtube:

DK Eyewitness videos:
Bird: DK Eyewitness video. About birds, 8.
Reptile: "
Horse: "

Tapadero: The Spanish Barb horse and Vaqueros. Great series, highly recommend.

War Horses of WWI. Director George Pagliero. Fascinating, with archival footage. 2012

Horses of the World. 2005. Columbia River Entertainment. Lipizzaner Stallions and the riding school of Vienna. Horses in circus.

World of Horses. Seen on Discovery Channel. Eda Lisham, Director. 2011. Horses in rodeo, polo, ranch, wild, dance, race, work, trick, cutting, show jumping, chuckwagon. Echo Bridge Entertainment DVD.
The Journey, by Eric Saperston, about Eric and his Golden Retriever Jack on a VW bus trip.

Only films I like, or find worth checking out. All on DVD. Most from the library.
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Nature, National Wildlife Federation, NOVA, BBC, Disney, Rabbit Ears. All on DVD.
See Amazon for descriptions of these DVDs:

1--Orangutan Diaries, 2 discs, BBC: 7

2---Fabulous Animals, Myths and Legends. 7

3---Nature: San Diego Zoo, 7

4--Waddlers & Paddlers 7

5--Hooked on Hummingbirds, 8

6--Crane Song, 7

7--Green: Orangutans and deforestation. 8

8--Merlin Tuttle:Guardian Angel of Bats. Heroes of Nature series.

9. Uncaged.

10. Kid Guides: Zoos.
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Somewhat alphabetically, by language.
--Over 50 languages spoken in these films.
--Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bambora, Bengali, Dari, Ewe, Hindi, Irish, Mapudungun, Quechua, Mongolian, Kurdish, Occitan, Tagalong, Washoe, Berber, Japanese Sign Language, Shanxi, Saami, and more.

--The Pillow Book, 6 languages. Babel, 8 languages.
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A few of the ladies Mitchum has worked with.
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With location of filming.
Iran, Jamaica, Italy, Japan, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Philippines, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Brazil, Finland, USA, Czech Republic, Peru, Germany, Thailand.
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Foot travel around the world.
France, Iran, Philippines, Burma, Louisiana, Canada, Nepal, Africa, Australia, Russia, Japan, Belleville, China.
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Men Irenne Dunne has worked with.
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Music, dance, games, and more.
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Farming, farms, farm houses, fields, harvesting, cottages, out in the country.
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The men Ellen has worked with.
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Vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, mopeds, buses, cabs, vintage.
Traveling, driving, touring, journeys, road trip.
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A few of the men Barbara Stanwyck has worked with.
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Greg Bautzer was often the only person in Hollywood celebrity pictures who was not an actor.
James Gladstone wrote a book about Greg Bautzer: The Man Who Seduced Hollywood. Greg Bautzer, Tinseltown's most powerful lawyer.
This is a list of a few of the Hollywood classic era actresses that Bautzer knew and dated.
Howard Hughes was able to contact Bautzer no matter where Bautzer was.
Much more interesting reading in this book. Another perspective on the Classic Era. Politics mostly left out.
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That he has worked with. Not all actresses listed.
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Ladies McCrea has worked with
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Actresses that Roland has worked with.
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Actresses Paul Douglas has shared movies with.
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Listed alphabetically by country.
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Actresses he has worked with
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Men Carole Lombard has worked with.
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