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This list evolved into many Zzzz!
If the name seemed feminine, it's included.
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U, V, W, X, Y.
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And to the moon, with Wallace and Gromit.
a list of 115 titles
Burros, Donkeys, Ponies, Mules. Work Horses, War Horses. Western Horses, Thoroughbreds, Racehorses. Cloud.
Not on IMDb:
1)The Pacific Crest Trail: A Ride to Remember. Oregon Public Broadcasting DVD. 2010. A Washington couple with a ranch ride the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail in 1 year, documenting their horseback ride.
2)Vaquero series.
3). Wild Asia: The Arid Heart. Follows the Takhi, Prizewalski's horses through the seasons. Director: Alison Ballance. Filmed in Mongolia, India and Nepal.
a list of 127 titles
Memorable dance scenes, or entire film. Interesting costumes, locations, cinematography. All dance, worldwide.
Not found on IMDb:
Tap Dance History DVD, with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Will Mahoney, Rubberneck Holmes, Juanita Pitts, many more. -9-. 5/14
a list of 117 titles
Algiers, Gabon, Somalia, Uganda and more. Countries listed A-Z.

Not found on IMDb: Tree Safari: A sculptural journey. Searching for woods in Africa for sculptures.
a list of 90 titles
Women artists.

Singers, dancers, authors, musicians, songwriters...
a list of 97 titles
From Accident to Love & Basketball.

Children Will Listen, available on Amazon:
About 140 students in 7 Washington DC public schools who put on a production of Into the Woods, as part of Sondheim retrospective. The students work on all aspects of production. Highly recommended.
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The New School Teacher to Zero for Conduct.
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lead=first credit

EM=first credit
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A few of the ladies Mitchum has worked with.

link = lead actress, first credit.

L = top credit, before Mitchum.
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'link= first credited actress.

lead=first credit.

GR= Roland is first credited.

TV episodes and series not included.
Maybe another list of Gilbert Roland's TV series. At 143 acting credits, Roland has worked with well over 100 actresses.
work in progress.
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A few actresses that Cary Grant has worked with.

link = leading lady

L = #1 credit
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Actresses Paul Douglas has shared movies with.
Link- lead actress.
Lead- first credit actress.
PD: Paul Douglas first credit.
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A few Ladies McCrea has worked with.

link = top billed actress.

Lead = first billed actress.
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The men Ellen has worked with.
a list of 59 people
JG=first credit.

link=first credit
a list of 56 people
Men Carole Lombard has worked with.


CL=first credit
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Men Irenne Dunne has worked with.

Link-lead actor

ID=Irenne Dunne, first credit.
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a list of 41 titles
Barbara Stanwyck and her professional life -in film.

Librarian, ranch manager, farm manager, missionary, nurse, concert pianist, saloon owner, leader of outlaw gang, cattle rancher, beauty shop owner, corporate ladder climber, evangelist, sheriff, waitress, Broadway singing star, owner of horse stables, show horse rider, medical doctor, rural teacher, reporter, detective, sharpshooter, fashion model, Vaudeville actress, Madame, carnival owner, advise columnist, Orphanage manager, nightclub entertainer, dance hostess, professional party girl, gambling den owner, plantation owner, more.
a list of 100 titles
Acting credits for the few of many horses in the movies.

More horses:
Goldie- with Hoot Gibson,
Johnny -with Andy Clyde,
Knight- with Rod Cammeron,
Little Blackie- with Kim Darby,
Mike- with George O'Brien,
Outlaw- with Joel Mcrea,
Dollar - with John Wayne,
Apache- with Bob Baker
Baron- Tom Tyler
Brownie- Bob Steele
Calico - Gabby Hayes
Cisco - Kevin Costner
Cyclone - Red Barry
Topper - Hopalong Cassidy

Many thanks to a thread on the Classic message boards.
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a list of 11 titles
Not found on IMDb:
"A Mama for Owen", on DVD. A picture book on DVD. Marion Bauer, author. 2008. Nutmeg Media. The story of a turtle and a hippopotamus, orphaned by the 2004 tsunami, finding each other and becoming best friends.
a list of 39 titles
Domestic cats
a list of 142 titles
Titles not found on IMDb:
1) Caution: Show Dogs. A dogumentary by Leslye Abbey and David Patrick. 4 breeds highlighted: Chinese Crested, Australian Shepard, Lhasa Apso, Afghan. 2010. Available on Amazon.
2) The Year of the Working Sheep Dog. Narrated by Christopher Timothy. Border Collies.
Rescue dogs, working dogs, service dogs, sled dogs.
a list of 100 titles
A movie view of life and events from 1910-1920.
a list of 119 titles
TV series, mini series.
First actress credit listed.
Locations of filming.
The Marshall of Gunsight Pass (1950) to Strange Empire (2014);
Lash of the West to Zorro and Son.
a list of 112 titles
TV series, mini series.
First credited actress.
Filming locations.
The Lone Ranger (1949) to Killer Women (2014).
26 Men to Longmire.
a list of 103 titles
a list of 61 titles
See Amazon for descriptions of these DVDs:

1--Orangutan Diaries, 2 discs, BBC: 7

2---Fabulous Animals, Myths and Legends. 7

3---Nature: San Diego Zoo, 7

4--Waddlers & Paddlers 7

5--Hooked on Hummingbirds, 8

6--Crane Song, 7

7--Green: Orangutans and deforestation. 8

8--Merlin Tuttle:Guardian Angel of Bats. Heroes of Nature series.

9. Uncaged.

10. Kid Guides: Zoos.
a list of 27 titles
In zoos, museums, circuses, hoarded, as pets, caged, fenced, working.
Wildlife as pets, then dumped when no longer wanted. Some make a successful transition to being free again -the Pythons in Florida. Parrots in cities in America.
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Sources - Google search and these lists:
many thanks to these lists.
a list of 54 titles
K-Y, Ann Kundle to Loretta Young.
Actresses and credits
a list of 80 titles
A-J names, Julie Adams to Katy Jurado.
TV, F (feature), short
a list of 99 titles
Western actresses, not in list #1 or #2.
Credits noted: TV, F -feature, S- series
a list of 96 titles
Charlene James to Gwendoline Yeo
Over 170 TV western actresses in over 170 TV westerns.
Both lists.
Including western credits, TV and F (for feature), S=series
a list of 101 titles
Sharon Acker to Jill Ireland.
Over 170 TV western actresses in over 170 TV western series.
Both lists, #1 and #2.
Credits listed: TV, F -feature. S for number of series.
a list of 100 titles
Life and events as portrayed in the movies, from 1910-1920.
a list of 54 titles
a list of 99 titles
Musicians listed.

-Movies, documentaries, live concerts.
-1. Amazing Grace: The Story of a Song That Makes a Difference, with Bill Moyers. Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, Jessye Norman. 1990. 2/14

-2. Down The Tracks. The Music That Influenced Led Zeppelin, Director-Steve Gammond 2008. Saw 10/12.
-3. Down The Tracks. The Music That Influenced Bob Dylan. 2008. Saw 12/12.
-4. The American Folk-Blues Festival, British Tours 63-66. 3/13 saw.
-5. Last Days of Fillmore, 1971. saw 4/13.
-- Criterion list: Paul Robeson, Monterey Pop, Gimme Shelter, Louie Bluie, Jimi Plays Monterey.
a list of 105 titles
a list of 40 titles
a list of 97 people
A few Actresses he has worked with.

link=lead actress.

lead=first credit.

CB, Charles Boyer lead.
a list of 125 titles
a list of 112 titles
a list of 98 titles
a list of 154 titles
a list of 67 titles
a list of 26 titles
Competition in: Music, dance, games, whistlers, marching bands, drumline, hairdressing, harp, spelling bee.
a list of 250 titles
a list of 186 titles
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A few of the men Barbara Stanwyck has worked with.

link=lead actor
*=second credit.

Barbara Stanwyck was the lead actor in most of her movies. Movies noted where she is not the first credited.
a list of 91 titles
Language: --Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bambora, Bengali, Dari, Ewe, Hindi, Irish, Mapudungun, Quechua, Mongolian, Kurdish, Occitan, Tagalong, Washoe, Berber, Japanese Sign Language, Shanxi, Saami, and more.
a list of 76 titles
Food. Preparing, competitions, selling, celebrations, 19th century , regional, restaurants, primitive cooking.
limited to films I like
a list of 54 titles
Ocean, river, lake beaches
a list of 117 titles
Vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, mopeds, buses, cabs, vintage.
Traveling, driving, touring, journeys, road trip.
a list of 153 titles
a list of 76 titles
Southern setting, may be filmed outside the south.
A few set in the time before the American States -Cabeza de Vaca, 1528.
Native American south, Cherokee Nation.
a list of 31 titles
Art, museums, costumes, cave drawings, architecture.
Sculptures of the Louvre, 2006. Each piece is put into it's historical context. Fascinating. View on Amazon:
a list of 37 titles
Rather than a WWI list, this covers the times before, during and after.
a list of 20 titles
a list of 37 titles
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Greg Bautzer was often the only person in Hollywood celebrity pictures who was not an actor.
James Gladstone wrote a book about Greg Bautzer: The Man Who Seduced Hollywood. Greg Bautzer, Tinseltown's most powerful lawyer.
This is a list of a few of the Hollywood classic era actresses that Bautzer knew and dated.
Howard Hughes was able to contact Bautzer no matter where Bautzer was.
Much more interesting reading in the book. Another perspective on the Classic Era.
a list of 151 titles
Covers I find interesting, intriguing, artistic.
a list of 193 titles
Movies filmed in the Southern states, with location of filming.
States are in this order:
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia
a list of 55 titles
Birds of Oregon, from Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2006. Oregon birds in their habitat, with further information on declining bird species.
Special features: 1) Ocean birds on rocks. 2)Jim and raptors of eastern Oregon. Jim has been a fan of raptors since 1952. 3)Raptor rescue and recovery. A wildlife center had 170 species of animals it treated in one year. -all these about 13 minutes each.
a list of 95 titles
With location of filming.
Iran, Jamaica, Italy, Japan, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Philippines, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Brazil, Finland, USA, Czech Republic, Peru, Germany, Thailand.
a list of 76 titles
a list of 137 titles
British Army, Revolutionary Russia, English Civil War, Iranian Revolution, Carlist War, American Civil War, Mexican Revolution, Indian Wars, more.
a list of 80 titles
Farming, farms, farm houses, fields, harvesting, cottages, out in the country.