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Apples for Apples, 8 May 2006

This movie had a little bit of everything you would want in a movie Just enough action, suspense, drama (bad drama but that's a good thing In movies like these), and comedy. I gave it a ten for the kind of Movie it is, I don't think this is on the same level as say requiem for A dream or forest Gump but I like to compare apples to apples so to Speak. This movie has something a lot of movies are lacking in my opinion, and that is mass appeal. Most of the movies that have been surfacing as of late are good at what they do but don't factor in the fact that most of the people that like a good action movie have kids who want to come along or in some cases have no choice but to come along. This movie is PG13 and makes the most of its rating; just enough to make the average guy happy but mild enough to bring the kids. This is just my opinion and I know sis-co and jojo or whoever they are gave it one thumb up but they just seem jaded to me anyways.

-it's just Donnie