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Dad betrayed the girl!, 6 January 2014

How could he? Broken marriage? Failing health? Financial woes? Or was he a criminal on the run? It leaves too much for one's imagination. There are just too many possibilities. Surprisingly, with longer and longer films and TV dramas nowadays, an 8-minute clip can tell way more than all else without telling you anything. You don't even get to see the looks of the people, but that also leaves so much for the audience's imagination. You can plug in any image you want, simply because it describes the very essential relationship, as long as human beings exist. The eternal love between a father and a daughter, whoever he or she is, wherever or whenever they live, whatever they do or language they speak, it just does not matter. Is there any short animation better? Can't think of any and don't believe there is or ever will be.

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One of the best war films, 14 July 2007

The best I've ever seen I guess is Band of Brothers,and this one is right up there. Good war films seem real, closer to real life, you see it and you know this is how it should happen, even if you have never experienced it. "good" people do some bad things and "bad" people do some good things. Guess there are more degree of cultural freedom in Hungary in those years to let this kind of film come to light.

I watched it the first time without moving my eyes off of it, and then I watched it a second time. It feels really beautiful, so vast is the background and the storyline is so unique. The third time I tried watching it, almost all the scenes feels so bloody that I cannot watch it.

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This is the best war film ever, 15 April 2006

I am a Chinese of the 60s. Agree with everything my fellow Chinese says. The only other film/TV series close in my opinion is Band of Brothers. Not mentioned above is the fact the beautiful music which is such an integral part of the film. The great thing about the film is they don't picture the Germans as stereotypical demons, which makes it more convincing to the audience. I did some research on Yugoslav's part in WWII and would really like to know more about them. Unfortunately, the materials in Chinese and English are very limited. Really want to know about the musicians but no info on them is available either.Also just found out that all the German officers are played by German actors, which makes it very convincing. What is so pathetic is the hero was only ranked #9 of the best Serbian Actors & Actresses... Just dug out the history between the countries within Yugoslav and I can understand why they don't think that highly of the film like the Chinese do.