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Scream 4 (2011)
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A Worthy Reboot..... And Hopefully A Taste of More To Come!, 16 April 2011

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Let's just get this out in the open. I loved Scream 4. I am a huge fan of the original trilogy, and when I heard that they were making the fourth, I had mixed emotions. I jumped for joy because I get to see my favourite characters again (Neve and Courtney! David is meh.) but I was worried that they may ruin the series like they almost did with Scream 3. With that, let me mention my scores for the previous movies.

Scream - 10/10. The best. Everything was original. Clever, humorous, and scary.

Scream 2 - 7/10. A worthy sequel. It was really long, which I found that took away from the story. Also, I didn't find it as scary.

Scream 3 - 4/10. Just couldn't get into it. This just proves how valuable Kevin Williamson is.

After seeing Scream 4, I was glad that it met my expectations, but that doesn't mean that it didn't have its share of flaws. Anywho, here is a break down of the good and bad.



-Plot: On par with the original. I guess that goes hand in hand with spoofing of the remakes.

-Opening: I did NOT see that coming. The first "spoof" was a little more obvious than the second, but I really enjoyed it as a whole.

-Ending: It was quite long, but I think I enjoyed it more than any of the other 3. I liked how it went from Kirby's house to the hospital, and, in the end, Jill got what was coming to her.

-Original 3: None of them died!! YES! I was nervous throughout the whole movie that one of them was going to die! Thank GOD!

-New Characters: Some of the characters, like Robbie and Kirby, were some of my favourites. I love Hayden, I think she always does well, and whoever played Robbie was super cute. When he said he was gay, my heart leapt up. lol, even though he is just a character.

-Twist: I did not expect Jill or Charlie to be the killers. In the most recent horror movies, I could always guess who the killer was, so I was happy that it tricked me.


-Pacing: I felt that the movie was sprinting the whole time. It was too short, compared to Scream 2, which was too long.

-Not enough Gale: I know it was because she was filming Cougar Town at the same time as well, but she was like Sidney in Scream 3. Not there enough.

-New Characters: Some of them were awesome, while some of them sucked. I didn't like Charlie, sorry Rory! Anthony Anderson and Adam Brody just felt like last minute additions, and the two girls/publicist were just horrible.

So, in the end, I really enjoyed this movie, and I think you will too. I am SO ready for Scream 5!!!!

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"The One That Started It All" Still Holds Up Well Today, 20 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

North America's first full length animated feature was a hit when it was first released, and I can say with the most confidence that it is still a hit today.

The Story is about a young girl named Snow White and all the trials and tribulations she has to go through. Snow White is a "slave" to her stepmother, "The Queen"( voiced beautifully by Lucille La Verne), but while doing all her work, she thinks of a prince and a brand new life for herself. Through many different events, (such as running through a dark and scary forest) Snow White reaches a cottage which is home to seven dwarfs. I wont say anymore, but the events that happen here are truly magical and add up well to the films exciting and maybe a little scary climax.

For a film made in 1937, this was quite ahead of its time. No one ever heard of someone producing a full length animated feature, and they thought the idea was completely absurd. Boy, did Disney prove them wrong! Modern film and animation owes a great deal to this film and all of the innovative things about it.

If you are looking to view this film and you don't currently own it, it might be hard to track down. The DVD version of the film is in "The Vault"(Disney has a nasty way of doing this sort of thing) and the only way to get it would be through a site like eBay or Amazon, or seeing if any Used DVD stores or your local Video Rental Store has any to sell. An alternative would be to see it on VHS if you have VHS player and the Snow White VHS.

All in all, this has to be one of my favorite films of all time, and I still like to curl up under a blanket with some popcorn whilst watching this movie.

10/10= Highly Recommended

Swimfan (2002)
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Swimfan: A Water-clogged movie at best, 18 April 2006

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Here's a good example of why you don't rent the movie by the trailer kids! That is exactly what I did and I paid dearly for, 1 1/2 hours of my life gone! Even though this movie is classified as a "Thiller", there is nothing thrilling about it. There is no surprise ending, you know exactly who did it from the start. I thought they might have been smart and put the cousin as the killer but no. Basically, there is 1 killing and 2 attempted murders. For a Psycho, Madison is pretty calm.

Rent?/Buy?/Don't Bother?/ This is on your movie opinion. If you are a hardcore thriller fan, you would go in the Don't Bother section. If you are a kid who is just starting to watch suspenseful movies, you would rent this movie. If you are a teenager who is having a party, I wouldn't put this movie on you list.