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Link (1986)
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A bizarre but fascinating thriller with monkeys and Elizabeth Shue, 1 December 2001

I think this was a break-through movie for Elizabeth Shue. It was the first time I heard of her as an actress. I think I saw the movie back in 1988, but it made quite an impact on my young impressionable mind. After watching the movie, I had a real fascination with primate intelligence. The psycho-sexual interaction between Shue and the monkeys stayed in mind all this time. In particular, I remember quite vividly the bathroom scene. It was strange from me to see that back then. And, everytime I see anyone take a bath or shower with a pet in the bathroom on a movie or commercial, I think of that scene.

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The epitome of current media values, 1 December 2001

This is a rather strange show with a pretty farfetched premise, but the strength of the characters more than make up for any weaknesses. When I first heard that this show was coming out, I was pretty sure it would be just another saccharine sweet comedy. As the series progressed, I found myself drawn into the show by the characters. Then, I struggled to understand how it was possible that the daughter of a wealthy upper-class family can get in such a situation as to have a child at 16. Of course, the show did pound repeatedly on the frigid relationship between Loreli and her mom. The Rory character is played with conviction and convincing realism, unlike the rest of the show, which seemed to be more a play on nostalgia. In any case, Lauren Graham is captivating in this show, and she seems to have found her perfect part, playing alongside a younger and weaker co-star or her foil. It just seemed weird to me that both Loreli and her ex are both single and still quite cynical about serious relationships. It seems like they are the playing the parts of teenage prom queen and king, both too pre-occupied with their looks and themselves to be together.

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A Costner Classic!, 20 January 2001

I think most of the films of the Costner genre are underrated. I think most people find the plots hard to understand simply because they aren't the pre-package plots that they're used to. Films like Dances with Wolves, Water World, and The Postman all transport the viewer to an alternate reality that have a strange nostalgic familiarity. In any case, The Postman clearly realizes the Costner ideal of the defiant individual discovering the possibility of overcoming his current situation and offering the world a chance to save itself. Simple, but still powerful. That's why I enjoy his more traditional movies, even if they are more like epics.