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Action Packed!, 25 May 2006

This movie was lacking somewhat in the story line. It wasn't as bad as some people say it is on here. This movie is not so far fetched for what it was trying to do. The movie didn't seem to drag at any points. It kept me into the movie right from the beginning. It didn't even seem like I was reading subtitles. The action sequences were well done and I thought this movie was an advancement of techniques popular to Jackie Chan. I saw hints of the Transporter in here too, which I also enjoyed. This movie has already had the crap commented out of it, but I just wanted to say that this movie rocks and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Jackie Chan movies. I always support movies with people doing excellent stunt-work. This is definitely one of them. (The keypad flaw in this movie is undeniably noticeable, why did they do that hahahaha, I noticed it on my first viewing, then I read on here it was flawed, and I was like, haha, oh well)

Great Action Movie, 13 April 2006

I didn't see any Jackie Chan films until Rumble in the Bronx came out. I enjoy kung fu movies so I expected it to be at last decent. When I saw the film, I knew this was the beginning of something really good. I have been a major Jackie Chan Fan ever since! This movie was full of awesome stunts and moves that blew my mind! I can't get enough of the moves Jackie Chan pulls off. He's so hard cobra, and he does his own stunts! There are so many fight scenes in this movie where you are just amazed at what is going on. I think this movie really filled a missing gap in American action movie culture. If you think not.. Look at how many movies came after this.. JC rulez!

Fight Club (1999)
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This movie rules!, 12 April 2006

This movie has great visual effects, it keeps your eyes glued to it, and it drives so many messages on so many different levels. It keeps you enthralled and makes you want to lash out at corporate America! The movie really drives high testosterone action with great acting. The soundtrack by the Dust Brothers was great. I read the book, have the posters, and I even have the fight club soap given on release! This movie is worth many watchings. The hidden frames.. The storyline.. This movie was a major influence on people and I think it took off with even more of a liking with DVD. Wow, I don't know how anyone could not like this book or movie.

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I'm better than serpentor, 12 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a tough change that I thought never should have came. The losing of Cobra Commander was not a good move. Serpentor eventually I got used to in the series. The whole time, everyone knew that they just wanted the Commander back. The movie and everything that went on..undermining what Cobra Commander did in the first place. I guess I liked them because I liked GI-JOE.. but this was where everybody started to doubt what was happening in the show and really started thinking it was a little shady. I didn't like the fact that I was reduced below the ridiculous Serpentor. I guess he was still cool.. whatever...

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Revenge Of Who? Yeah thats right, 12 April 2006

This was an ultimate series as collaboration and creation of weapons of mass destruction take place! Zartan and his boys make themselves known! You really think COBRA is going to take home the gold at some points, we totally rock even though our aim may be a bit off. The Joes are just as crappy. I don't remember the last time I lost a soldier to a laser shot. The ultimate part of this series is the fact that the MASS weapon must be built! Three elements are needed for this to happen. This isn't about nuclear warfare is it? No, not this time for COBRA, this time around was all about the best and most ass-kickin satellite in space! You know this is all about Revenge. Cobras rule!

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Cobra 4 Life, 12 April 2006

This show was really biased towards the GI JOES. They don't give COBRA the respect it deserves. The totally sweet tanks, bitchin jet planes, those cobra pods, all the Cobra army was ridiculously sweet. The intimidation of COBRA stands strong in peoples minds. All the characters of GIJOE were like-able on both sides. It was always sweet watching each guy do his special thing, whippin out grappling hooks, skis, alligators, missle launchers, big machine guns, ninja weapons, flame throwers, chainsaw guns, crossbows, you name it.. its probably someones weapon of choice. Of course, the Cobra Commander only needs his trusty sidearm. That's how many people you gotta go through to get to me!

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GIJOE rules COBRA rules more!, 12 April 2006

I am a major fan of all parts of GI JOE from the 80's. The characters were all enjoyable. The villains were superb. The team I led to battle couldn't have been a more watchable mix. With weaknesses to both Joe's and Cobra's it was all about the teamwork to overcome the other side. While some people say this show was nothing more than propaganda to rid the world of "evil" powers.. I think the show somewhat brought a pride to the American Army and gave kids like me something to satisfy the urge to have guns, tanks, explosions, animal sidekicks, crazy super weapons, ridiculous vehicles with way to many missiles and lasers.. Yes this show, the figures, the movie.. everything about it rocked.. How many times did you and your friends pool all your Joe's and vehicles together for a major super war.. The only thing is..Just once they should make Cobra win one time in something!! I have feelings too. PS Serpentor is a Loser! Yeah!

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Everyon Liked It, 12 April 2006

Everyone enjoyed the Power Rangers first seasons. The incredibly cheesy lines, ridiculous plots, and giant monster fight scenes made it all the more watchable. It was definitely watched by more people than you think when it first came out. Everyone tries to hide the fact that they watched it every time a new episode came on. The show was over the top and it rocked. The same thing was going to happen every episode, but it didn't matter. You knew there would be some small fights, Rita would get mad, make her monster huge.. which eventually lead to Morphin Time! Each villain had its own unique ability and look. They all made you laugh. The show lost its luster as it went on, but I guarantee you have to say the first seasons of Power Rangers were a total classic!

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Land of the Lost Remake Rocks, 12 April 2006

I never saw the original. I read up on it and looked into it some more on the internet, and I'm going to have to say the remake definitely gives it justice. I don't think it really matters if the show wasn't as scientifically proved or logical as the old one from the 70's. The concept is fine and was made for a younger audience. It is not something that should be judged by validity of the story line much as the entertainment, colorful world, and characters it brought with it. The show totally rules, but some of the cast was cheesy (but don't we all like that sometimes). There was the mini dinosaur Tasha and the sasquatch guy Stink! The villains were amusing and so was the irony that the (motherless) family that get lost happens to meet a perfect replacement with a woman who had been lost in the world since she was a child! You totally want them to hook up in the show.. haha. I watched it when I was younger.. I like the nostalgic TV shows. I am an 80's TV fan, and i think 80's TV held strong, with influence well throughout the 90's. I can't say I would ever expect a show like this to air again with the shows on TV today.