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An unnecessary money making strategy, 22 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having not read the Harry Potter books (I intend to do this after the last film), I have been watching the movies on their own merits and thus far have been delighted by what has been an exciting and innovative magical adventure. Therefore even though I figured this final instalment was in two parts so the companies involved could essentially stretch things out and make a few extra bucks, I was still excited to see it.

I have to say I feel cheated. The film is slow moving, full of long (and I feel unnecessary) episodes of dialogue and very little of the action and effects that are Harry Potter's trademarks. It really does feel like a film that was plonked in the middle while the makers worked on the finale.

Again having not read the books, I saw little point in the wedding at the beginning - I didn't have a clue who was getting married and felt no emotion. The scene with Harry and Hermione dancing was equally as pointless, and they spent waaay too much time camping in woods with nothing happening for my liking. The death of "Mad Eye" at the beginning was extremely underplayed for such a previously large character (it was really just "He's dead", "Awwww booooo - OK so who's making the tea"), and I didn't have a clue why the cockney thief guy (Mumagan or something) was even in it. I felt very sorry for any kids watching this who have not read the books, as they didn't stand a chance.

I did like the overall dark atmosphere of the film, and as always the scenes involving Valdemort, Bellatrix LaStrange and the Ministry were the highlights for me.

Overall, this could easily (and should) have been one final fantastic film, and not, as it was, a simple money making strategy which resulted in a mediocre movie. I sincerely hope the final instalment meets the new and extremely high expectations I have now placed on it!!