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Art house Documentary,, 10 April 2006

I saw this film in the Tate in Liverpool (yes the art Gallery), and unlike most of the audiences for Films in Art Galleries, we stayed for the entire duration of the film, admittedly as it run on a loop, we saw the last 5 mins and the credits twice.

Anyway, as far as I know, it was the first time that Hayle had exposed herself to something like this, it's a film which will leave you phased, you loose faith in all mankind, then slowly as you realise you need to just get on with your life, and the lost feeling fades away.

But at least she will be more ready for it the next time it hits, but sometimes it's enough for you to loose the will to live.

I on the other hand already knew that there was no empathy in politics (or at least on the high level at which the film was aimed), and wasn't all that phased.

Ultimately, if you've got some hours to kill, see if there are any films showing inside the art gallery (if there is one), it's not all meaningless brush work on the walls.