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Desierto (2015)
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Desert Thriller delivers, 31 August 2017

Actually I thought this was going to devolve into a procedural drama with those that witnessed the original shooting going to court and a whole 'trial movie'.

As I kept watching however, it turned into a very real horror movie. Just like the innocents are chased in Texas Chain saw, only this is very original and shot in the daylight in the desert.

I would not want to be in the desert in those conditions. Was surprised that Moises leaves Adela behind, saying 'he has a son'.

Great cinematography and direction. Different scenes in desert great > rocks, desert, cactus beds, and a hunt and chase scene that is thrilling and a little reminiscent of Duel. Very good well thought out and put together film.

The shooter Sam is an extreme typical stereotype by the left, all the Minute Men in the south report such illegal immigration to authorities they don't shoot them.

Commenters were right about the M! Garand and Sam is a little improbable making long shots without a tripod and several migrants moving in different directions. For having no military training he is too good a shooter and is a fantasy.

However, avoid the voice over sound track by the director, just more political diatribe about migrants who are really illegal immigrants. How about a film about illegals who commit crimes in US, like drunk driving, fake Soc Sec cards and shootings.

More distorted propaganda, 1 August 2017

I liked the first Moore film on Flint, MI but he has always started with left wing propaganda and shows that his films are just extensions of Pravda like journalism and its orientation to 'capitalism'. Yet Russia and China are becoming more capitalist, while still regaining control over the people in social interactions.

His comment, "slaves built this country" is just like Obama saying 'you didn't build this country, we did". The leftist theology never ends.

So, Michael who paid the wages of workers. Capitalist, people willing to invest cash into major projects like railroads, buildings, early roads, cars, electricity... forgot about that did you? Did workers say, 'hey let's build cars' or did they earn a living from capital investment.

But yes wages were indeed low and it was Henry Ford to doubled their wages so that every worker could buy a Ford, something that only the RICH, like Moore, could afford. And labor unions were necessary in the 1900.

He also fails to mention (on purpose) that there was a Trans-Atlantic slave trade, most were run by African tribal leaders who sold slaves and that of some 10 million slaves, 4 million went to Brazil and the rest of Central and South America. and some 450,000 Africans in the US for the slave trade.

Moore just simply distorts facts and cherry picks and uses the sin of omission to 'prove' his left wing narrative bias.

Sadly his films profit from paranoia, conspiracy theory and duplicity.

Dead Heist (2007)
Thugs vs zombies in refreshing clash, 18 July 2017

Everyone knows the plot so I digress:

I liked this movie. For one thing it followed the golden rule of all film making. "I wonder what happens next." And it did.

The writing and the characterizations were well done and not like the robot like characters in 99% of zombie films. Lighting great. scenes great. Location great. The beginning hood scenes of the robbery were cool. They showed character development, believable characters...often missing in zombies movies. In short it started as a real movie, not schlock. So tired of zombies attacking 1 minute after the movie credits start and continuing for 90 more minutes with a 'who cares' about the victims.

Dead Heist is a refreshing change from other zombie movies and has an interesting plot, characters and execution. Looking for more films from writer and director.

I was wondering why the government dude was letting zombies in, and he told capture them and dispatch them once and for all. Dead Heist is an enjoyable movie experience and breaks the mold.

If movies weren't all based on comic books today this would have been in theaters. At least at the drive-ins.

Rating: Cool.

Nightstalker (2009) (V)
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A forgettable film in 10 minutes, 10 August 2016

Another graduate student production shot on video. Very tireless and one of those 'when will this end' type of film. View the first chapter. Then the last chapter. You missed nothing. Except 10 minutes of your time. A psycho drama about Rodriguez the stalker in LA that tries to relate it to his early childhood upbringing and the usual satanic abuse. You learn nothing here, except over acting, poor special effects, lack luster direction, and a hastily written script. But realizing that you might learn something. The killer seems to be doing the same thing every time with 'explaing' of his psychosis through flashbacks of his early childhood and how his father killed a few women in front of him causing a traumatic influence on his behavior. Not very original and poorly executed. A few hot babes tho. And one that doesn't seem to mind being followed by a psycho killer. I mean really. She did have a hot outfit on tho, I'll give her that. Didn't she get the message when she saw him sucking on lollipops all day. Get a clue.

Unfriended (2014)
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New online horror movie very real, 13 February 2016

I liked this new original concept. An online horror film. When it first started I thought "is this all going to be online?" Then I thought, 'hey this is all online'.

The plot is quite involved. A bullied girl commits suicide on line. Her friends all go online for a chat. Soon the mysterious Laura hacks their chat and starts posting under a new user name.

They can't get rid of the new intruder although on of them tries with an anti-virus program. Soon their past sins began to play out online in a weird game of disclosure. Very nicely done.

Loved the way it was made very real with miscellaneous clicking and mousing around. When an unwanted song comes on for example one user tries reducing the volume by various ways, none of which are successful.

Another scene has the user trying to click on a grayed out area, his friend suggest reloading the page. The vitality and realness of this movie makes it one of the best new horror films.

The new online cast is very, very good, I felt that they were all really on target. Kudos to writer and director. To get that very real effect I bet there was a lot of computer work.

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The cannibals should have eaten the writer/director first, 23 December 2015

I gave it two because of the hot models ruining around with tank top cleavage and short skirts.

To think Herzog, Winders, Fassbinder, Lang, all came from Germany and now this awful film. Hard to believe. The writer seems enjoy chicks running around screaming, which I believe the screams were dubbed anyway.

Other reviews are right, Wrong Turn, makes Cannibal Diner look like a student film shot on 8m.

The lead actress sure spends a lot of time running through the forest and running though an abandoned warehouse. Oops that is the movie. Not to worry about dialogue, there really isn't any. The girls are hot, and I give the casting director the most credit.

TGIF applies here, thank god its finished. Use chapter skip a lot, you will not miss anything. As for the jerky camera no light finale, um, been done before with a lot more style and narration.

Muck (2015/I)
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Great for drive in...that is closed for the season, 11 October 2015

Yes, I gave it a 2. Why? Lots and lots of T&A from former models and a playboy bunny. Jiggly boobs in slo-motion, lots of rear view shots of girls in bra and panties. Bathroom scene of a girl 'mugging' the mirror in different bras. Nice girls underwear type t-shirt shirts with lots of nice cleavage. Girls being chased by albinos. Where is Joe Bob Briggs to rate this....let's see: multiple stabbings, 6 boobs. If I was 15 this would be a great are just aware of chicks.

Plot: Huh? Dialogue: Say Whaaat? Guys acting: Right from public access TV.

Best scene: guy runs to get help, stumbles upon a bar and dozen of hot chicks. He is supposed to call for help, but winds up with a drink and a babe. Take all those hot babes in the bar and run hem out to the house where they can be terrorized.

I thought this could be some kind of wry comedy because the actions of he 'actors' is so stupid. But then I thought, no. the Scary Movie series is so much better. Then the guys are arguing over a junk car???? A feeble attempt at humor because the characters look so stupid.

I noticed Puja's dad was an Executive Producer. One girl in the credits had her named blurred out.

If it was supposed to be scary > see Wrong Turn. Comedy and horror > Night of the Comet.

Maybe if the Whiplash teacher was guiding Steve Walsh he would say, stop! do it again! Were you to fast? Do you know the beat? Do you understand moving making. Slap!

See what happens when you make a Canon 5D available to everyone.

How about another title: Cleavage run aMUCK.

Then again I am thinking this guy thought he was making a comedy and a was John Waters wannabe. People about to be killed make quippy dialogue about unrelated circumstances? And Puja's lines were beyond stupid, I think Steve thought he was making a comedy. That or he is the worst dialogue writer ever.

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Title should have been: Let's Be Metermaids., 7 August 2015

This long, long (yes even at 100 or so minutes) is just awful.

PLOT: Two bumbling idiots decide to impersonate cops. Faux hi jinks follow. You are very thankful though when the movie is over, even tho it seems as tho it goes on forever, way past its premise.

Nothing to see here so just move along, folks.

The 'buddy' cops fail to deliver and those two had about as much chemistry as salt peter and zinc.

Horrible plot, poor acting, no sympathy for such bone head characters, and their stupidity and bumbling is so frustrating, you better have ff engaged at all times. Totally stupid situations they encounter. All make mowing the lawn a much better more exciting alternative.

Or better if as in Star Trek you had 'warp speed' you could get through this mish mash much faster.

Was this movie scripted on a napkin at Spaggios? It looked like they winged it.

Too bad, because I think Waylans is funny and loved all of the SCARY MOVIES.

Citizen X (1995) (TV)
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Low key but brilliant cop drama, 25 July 2015

What is is brilliant about this story is the persistence of the lead detective to find the killer.

Interestingly the Commissar said that 'there are no killers in the Soviet Union, that is in decadent western societies" Of course we all get the point. But here in the mid-west in a college town in a lefty book store of the the owners actually said that crime in America is because they are a capitalistic empire. Some left wing ideas never die.

Now, back to the movie, it was great and the quips by the Colonel and his astute observations or Soviet society were appro. In fact, most Russians found ways to work outside the system.

But my favorite scene was when they caught Chilikto He is in a park and children are playing the the plain clothes police come up on him from the sides, front and back and tell him to 'keep walking'.. One of the most brilliant arrests I have ever seein. The opposite of course of our cops yelling for him to get on the ground and every manner of gun pointed at him.

Great film.

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Fastest and funniest comedy in the West (Berlin), 21 July 2015

I thought Airplane 1 & 2 were very funny. I liked all the Scary Movies (the comedies). I really liked It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, World with all of the greatest comedians of the time. And Bridesmaids was really funny too.

But compared to One Two Three they all are in slow motion.

One Two Three is the fastest most witty comedy I have ever seen. I just saw it on cable. And it is one of Billy Wilder's finest films. You cannot afford to laugh as you will miss the next zinger.

The comedic innuendos come a flying at ya' and you better have a cup of Dark Roast coffee to stay alert.

Fun is made of East/West, North/South, Communism/Capitalism and a ton of everything including society itself. A real tour d'force of life in the 60s and the cold war.

Cagney has the fastest and longest lines you have every seen and he is backed up by a great supporting cast. The story is simple: Executive has to confront his capitalistic boss with the fact that his egocentric daughter falls in love with a commie. The quick witted dialogue between the Russian embassy guy and Cagney are great!

I have to buy the video and show it too my friends, ASAP. And had to get my 2 cents in for a legacy post.

And no CGI special effects, explosions, gun fire, car chases, impending disasters, foot chases, and the big mean bad guy.

All dialogue and funny sight gags. Why can't we make this kind of comedy today.

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