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Actors and Actresses who are (or were) of Polish Descent.

If you spot any names I missed, then tell me.
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Beginning in 2008 with Iron Man, Marvel Studios has made a series of very successful superhero / comic book movies, becoming the first real successful shared film universe, known as The MCU. Regardless of what any of you may think, you can't deny Marvel's success. Managing to make "entertaining", "fun" and at times goofy (admittedly maybe too goofy), and serious action pictures. Here is my personal ranking of all those films.
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Most successful (animated and non animated).
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Go Ape! Just about everything that is on IMDB that has to do with Planet of the Apes! I invite people to comment.
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The Complete filmography of Laurel and Hardy (shorts and films). Note: List doesn't include work the duo didn't do together!
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Complete list of Three Stooges related things (on this website at least).
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Films based off Robert E. Howard Characters (most aren't adaptions, but using the characters/names).
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