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Outfits dated, but good workout, 9 April 2006

I've had this video since I was in high school (I graduated in 1990) and I still like it. The yoga works on flexibility and strength while getting your heart rate up. Yes, the outfits scream '80's, but leg warmers are back in, so you'll hardly notice. Raquel's voice is soothing and encouraging, with her telling you to keep trying and letting you know that she had a hard time with some of the poses, too. I liked this because some of the poses she'd had a hard time with, I was able to get right away. She and her "class" do the poses twice, but she recommends that beginners only do each one once, until it gets easier. I feel great after doing this and I love working on strength and flexibility at once and it's a great workout to do if jumping around is not what you want to do.