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not bad at all, 14 August 2009

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I expected less of this movie,really,I did!!Actually,I wonted to see if Sara know how to act because Buffy is one thing and movies another.So,I started to watch movie with so little expectation that you would be surprised.And I liked the movie!It was sweet.And Sara always have good lucking mans for partners.It started like every other romantic comedy: girl and boy meet,they falling in love etc.But,here comes the magic part-she was bad cook and she becomes fantastic cook with help of magic crab!And it start to be something different movie then usually.I must say that Sara surprised me like a actress.She was convincing like the girl who cook bad without magic.She had a lot of magic and demons and vampires and staff in Buffy.But this is different kind of staff and she handled it raider well.So,I liked this film.

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disturbing, 22 February 2009

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First of all:PLEASE!!!!!I'm not buying that Spike wanted to rape Buffy.She never wanted gentle love with him.She jump him in the "Smeshed" and have sex with him in the middle of the battle,and she always initiate their's sex.She is the one who kissed him first.And she treat's him like the dirt.And she is the who told him to that he must get over it.OK,he slept with Anya but Xender call of the wedding and Buffy ended their's relationship.He is hurt,he drink him self in oblivion,but he is not a rapist.I'm never going to believe in that.She told him "NO" in "Wreked" and then they almost had sex again.She told him that she never going to kiss him again in "Tabula Rasa" but she did.So,Spike made honest mistake:He thinks that she plays there game again.When he see that is not the true,he go away and he want's to change so he cold be the men she want.He loves her.I do not care that much about rest of the episode,but I had to write this.

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It is over for Buffy and Spike, 22 February 2009

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In this episode I fill sorry for Spike.I really don't know why he still loves Buffy when she is hiding there relationship from everybody and she treat's him like dirt!!!Don't get me wrong,I love the show with all my heart,I love Buffy but I can not except the fact that Spike is making her miserable.She trusted him with her sister in the end of season five,she told him everything about her experience with death and she used him to fill something.Maybe she felt more then pure lust.I think she started to grow stronger filling's for Spike and that scared her to death.That is why she broke up with him and that is why I do not fill sorry for her when Spike tried what he tried in "Seeing red".I'm not happy that he tried to rape her,but I think that that was her's fault.And I do not like Riley at all!!!!

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Real or madness?, 22 February 2009

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This episode scared me.Buffy think that she is sick and that she is in mental institution.There is no Down in her life,her parent are alive and well,she doesn't sleep with Spike and she doesn't fight with vampires.OK,she is crazy.She want to have normal life like everybody else.She broke up with Spike because she think's that there's relationship is what killing her.But i'm on Spikes side.He loves her.He want to help her.He knows that nobody know how she is filling.That is why he want to tell her friends about them.If she doesn't want his help and love,they could help her.My opinion is that Buffy made her life more difficult by not telling her friends about her and Spike.They would understand her.Tarra did.Down already loves Spike.Only Xender is against him but he also know's that Spikes's filling are real.So,Spike is right.She want to be miserable.And I do not like how she treat's him at all.She is the guilty one in my eyes.

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world without of Buffy..., 22 February 2009

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In the end of season 5 Buffy died and three month letter we find out that nobody know's that.Buffybot is slayer now and Scobbies help's her to do that.Spike is with them to.We see that they tries to cope with Buffy death.We see that Buffybot is not perfect and Spike is first to say that she never be exactly like Buffy.So Willow decide to do the spell and rise Buffy from dead.Only Anya,Xender and Tarra know about that.Gilles go back to England,Down want her sister back and Spike...Spike is just grate.His emotions is seen in just one line:"She'll never bi exactly like Buffy..."His voice crack with tears when he sad that and that broke my heart.

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luckiest man on the planet, 30 September 2006

This is the movie I never miss every time when I can watch on TV!!!Anthony Lapaglia is great like lucky Frenk-this is his greatest role in acting.The main reason I love this movie is worm story about family.What amazing me the most is that the movie is based on true story.How can you not love that?!!I never met a person in mine life who didn't love this movie.When I ask somebody about his or hers favorite movie,this one is in their top 10 list!!!That is fantastic,don't you think?!My favorite part is the one when Frank dates wrong girl,end up in hospital for that and that came up like total luck because something is wrong with him so he need a surgery.Who never watched this movie will never know what was missed!!!WATCH it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mulder and Scully fight the future, 30 September 2006

I'm in group of people who watched every single episode of the show.There was not a question that I don't wanna watch a movie.So,I went to the sea the movie with great expectations and I wasn't disappointed!!!When you sea effort they put that make a good movie,you can't be disappointed!I start to watch the series not knowing that I will be hoked for next 9 years,but I'm not sorry for all that time I spent in front of my TV.When you love something,you love it and that is forever!!Chemistry between David Duchovny (Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Scully) is a thing I couldn't miss!!!This movie is another example for that.So,they fight the future and I love how they do that!!!!And I don't think that people who never sow the show can watch a movie with same interest like we (fans) can.That isn't the same!!!They don't know who are Samantha,Craycek,Skinner or CSM in Mulder's and Scully's life.But,that is just my opinion is in it?That is all from me.And watch the movie,but no before you watch first 5 seasons of the show!!!You are going to in joy much more!!!

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movie magic helps in fight against the crime, 29 September 2006

Fantastic show with good actors and stories!I never understand why it's canceled after just two years and we never had a chance to see how would it end it!!!I still have a hope that same actors team will make a movie!!!Cameron Daddo was excellent like a movie magic gay Rollie Tyler who helps police in solving crimes.Christina Cox was also very good playing his partner Angela Ramirez who is expert in computers and person with Rollie's greatest trust.Seacond season was even better then first one with most intelligent stories and plots and the end of the show was mind blowing but we never had a chance to find out what was in writers.So,this is my recommendation for the show:just watch it-you gonna love it!!!!