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Pretty much what I expected, 27 December 2014

When I first saw the trailer for this movie and heard the music attached to it, I told myself;"This better not be in the movie". Unfortunately it was, as well as many more songs from the 70's.

Although I do understand the reason for this (Peter Quill's sole attachment to Earth and to his mother), this music was totally inappropriate for the movie we were watching. And what about all that dancing? Didn't they learn from Spiderman 3?

Putting that aside, why did all the aliens living thousands of light years away, speak with an Earth vernacular?

I was looking forward to seeing Xandar, the world of the Nova Centurions, but it was a let down. The Nova Corp did not look very formidable.

And what about the Collector? He's supposed to be an Elder of the Universe, a cosmic being of immense power, and he just lets his place get thrashed.

No, this movie was a great disappointment. I'm a big fan of Marvel Comics but I was expecting a great film, not a comedy.

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Not Marvel-ous enough!, 26 November 2013

I really tried to like this show, unfortunately, it's not going to happen. I find the stories, dull and uninteresting and I find nothing appealing about the characters. Even Coulson has lost his appeal.

The only redeeming episodes are those that had a connection to the movies and the Marvel universe. That being the case, the writers must realize what we fans want. We want more superheroes.

The show lost its chance twice at the very least. On the pilot episode, I was sure that the character played by J August Richards would turn out to be Luke Cage, even though I felt Luke Cage should have been larger. And on the Girl in the Flower Dress episode, who the hell is scorch? Missed the opportunity to include a real Marvel villain.

Yes superheroes cost more to make in terms of special effects, but many need little effects. Characters like Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Punisher and so many more

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A conclusion that does not disappoint., 9 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The wait is finally over. We can finally see the end of the saga that we thought we'd never see. It took four years for the Japanese version to come out but we had to wait another 4. I satiated my thirst for learning how all this would turn out by downloading all the manga stories. When I found out that the series was a go, but for only 26 episodes, I was worried. How could they fit all that was to come in just 26 episodes? Still, I was pleased. Like most true fans I went online and watched the Final Act when it became available. The Japanese voices did not deter me, as long as the subtitles allowed me to follow the story. And now, finally, the wait was over and Inuyasha final act was in my hands. So what do I think?

The voice actors: most are back except Monica Stori and David Kaye who voiced Kagome and Sesshomaru. It does not take long to get used to the new Kagome, but Sesshomaru gets a bit of getting used to. I would have preferred a voice actor who would have imitated the original one.

The cramming of the books in 26 episodes: Having read the mangas, I found the evolution of the Tetsusaiga a bit too quick for my taste but the whole thing makes the episodes much more entertaining as it involves lots of action.

The themes songs: the Intro and credits songs are great!

The feel of the show: Just like the first 7 seasons. The musics are all back, the art is perfect, the emotional scenes still bring tears to your eyes.

Conclusion: If you're a fan of Inuyasha you'll be pleased.

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Here's what went wrong!, 26 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is what happened when the crew decided to make this movie. Paul S. Anderson met his crew and asked them:

"OK people let's get some ideas about what this movie will have."

Staff#1 "-hey, how about we make it like the new games and make it a shoot fest?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good, Done!"

Staff#2 "Wouldn't it be cool if the zombies could drive cars and motorcycles and carry weapons and chainsaws?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good to me, Done!"

Staff#3- "you remember when Claire and Alice fought that giant axe guy in the fourth film? How about this time we let Alice fight two of them?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Good idea, Done!"

Staff #1-"You know the fans want to see other characters so why not introduce a few more like Leon, Ada and Barry?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good, Done!"

Staff#2-"Aren't we going to have too many characters running around? How about we kill off one or two?"

Staff#3-"We'll kill off Barry. Anyway he's an expendable character in the game."

Staff #1-" Yeah but make it a heroic death. Let's have him go out in a blaze of glory brandishing his famous magnum. Fans like that sort of thing"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good, Done!"

Staff#2-" Hey I was watching Aliens the other day,wouldn't it be cool if Alice became a mother figure to some unknown little girl who gets kidnapped by a lichor and Alice has to save her like Ripley did?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good but we'll have to rework the lichors somehow. Done!"

Staff#3- "People liked the characters from the first film. It would be cool if we could bring them back somehow. It's a shame they got blown off with raccoon city."

Staff#2-"Hey if they can clone Alice why not her friends?"

Staff#3-" You're so right man. But where did hey get the DNA?"

Staff#2-" Does it matter?"

Staff#3-" It's just another Umbrella mystery. What do you think Paul?"

Paul S.Anderson- "Sounds good, OK people let's make this movie."

In the bathroom next to the meeting hall you hear a toilet flush. The fourth staff person comes out.

Staff#4- "Hey guys, sorry I'm late but I have a great idea for the story. If ties up all the loose ends. Umbrella finally falls. The cure for the plague is found and the world is saved. I also worked on a great script and intelligent dialogue. I even have a great idea for coaching some of the mediocre actors into believable ones."

Paul S. Anderson- "What are you talking about? We just worked out some great ideas. Lots of action, explosions, new characters. We have everything the fans want. As for acting? Did you see the first game? The lame voice acting did not deter its fans. These actors will do plenty fine for the fans. C'mon let's make this movie!"

And this is why this movie turned out the way it did.