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The ladies who light up my screen! No particular order (although I did go through my DVD collection ...)
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Apparently, I have a massive Brit & Kiwi addiction! LOL
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The second shelf of my DVD collection. Whew. More to come ...
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This is the first list of movies I have on DVD. This list will be updated regularly. Most are just in alphabetical order on this list. Others are here because they're either box sets or the ones I reach for the most. Hence, Shelf One.
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I'm really more of a Lycan lover, but there are a few Bloods I wouldn't mind getting bitten by!
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I am a Lycan lover first and foremost ... Here are my favorite Wolf-Men!
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Women who are the epitome of natural beauty, in my opinion.
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These films never made a really big splash, but they're still fun & entertaining.
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These are the shows that I enjoyed back in school, who shaped my life (as well as my acting and singing).
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These are actors who either have been on People's "most beautiful" list, or should have ... and who are really great actors in their own right. They really should be seen more, they really are good enough to be A-listers. I've also included some actors who (unfortunately) aren't with us anymore, but they were still handsome and talented!