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Dracula is a favourite, 7 April 2006

I love Jonny Lee Miller and enjoyed this. I've read a lot of vampire/Gothic novels - Anne Rice, Christine Feehan and Amanda Ashley-just a couple of good authors, so I enjoy some vampire stuff once in a while. I won't hold this up as Brilliant but it's fun to watch and Jonny and the cast do a good job with the genre. I'm looking forward to finding Dracula II to watch, this has another actor I like, Jason London, so more to watch yet. Anyone looking for books of the genre see the authors above and if you like TV vampire try Kindred: the embraced, great show that ended too quickly because the main actor died riding his motorcycle and he was a good actor.

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Anne Rice-Brilliant, 7 April 2006

I love Anne Rice's vampire chronicles and the character I really love is Louis. I couldn't wait to see Brad as Louis and I new I wouldn't be disappointed and I wasn't. Brad was beautiful, just as Louis is portrayed by Anne in her novel.

I'm not fond of Tom Cruise and personally don't believe he's a good actor but to give him his due, he was a natural Lestat and portrayed the character wonderfully. This is the only Cruise film I like and I don't watch it for Cruise but for Brad/Louis whom I adore.

Brad just gets better and better and when you know this is an earlier film for him you realize what a great actor he is.

Interview was/is a very good movie and considering how hard it is to bring a novel to film, especially in this genre, I think the cast and crew did a great job and deserve a 10.

I'll keep watching this over and over again!

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Jason's adventure is terrific., 7 April 2006

I'm a huge mythology fan and I've always loved these Gods and Hero films. Jason and the Argonauts has been popular with me for years, I have seen several takes on Jason and this is a terrific one. I loved Jason London in this and since seeing it I'm looking for more of his films to watch! London is a good actor and a looker as well, which helps the aesthetics of a good movie. His meeting with Medea and their love story seen alongside the love of Zeus and Hera is warm and tender with some amusing moments to lighten some of the tragedies the Argonauts face. The return home and Jason's coming of age - final ruler scenes - are well portrayed. A film worth watching, along with the other Jason/Argonaut films and shows-those of you who enjoy history and mythology should take a look at this. It's a nice way of spending a rainy day!

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Jane Austen-don't you just love her!, 7 April 2006

Jane Austen never disappoints.

Colin Firth aka Mr. Darcy very hard to beat, but luckily the makers of this film chose another wonderful British actor in Matthew, I loved him in Spooks and was in tears when he left that show. I was absolutely thrilled to find that he'd been cast as Mr. Darcy beside Keira Knightley's 'Elizabeth', they really do mix well and are brilliant on screen together.

Donald Sutherland is wonderful as Mr. Bennett and I loved Talulah Riley as Mary and Rosamund Pike is lovely. I watched Rosamund in Wives and Daughter and adored her, it's so nice to see her in PP. Keira is wonderful as Elizabeth, too.

If you've not seen the British series Spooks, get it on DVD and watch it, a wonderful, wonderful show with a brilliant cast which Matthew leads for 2 seasons.

When Matthew walks across the fields to Elizabeth in the final scenes I thought of 'Heathcliff', it just evokes images and the scenes of Lizzie and Darcy at night at Pemberley (DVD extra) was heart-beating stuff, why oh why didn't they use it as the movie ending? A better ending than what we have in the film and I'm so glad they put it on the DVD version.

The BBC mini with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle was brilliant and I thought that it would be unbeatable but this movie comes pretty damn close...

There are more versions of PP that are worth a serious look:- *Laurence Olivier/Greer Garson version1940 "Superb" *Elizabeth Garvey/David Rintoul version 1980 mini "Brilliant" *Peter Cushing/Daphne Slater version 1952 mini "Lovely" **Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version 1995 mini "Extraordinary" "Brilliant"

These are the next best versions to look for!

The more Jane Austen the better.....