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Abysmal 10/10 a potential cult show, 1 April 2007

OK this show is abysmal, but I actually enjoyed watching it because it sucked so much. Just the laugh track is an instant classic. And the plot: "It is a comedy about a successful man named Glen Abbott (played by Rob Corddry) looking back to the time when he was in his thirties and living with his parents." On the episode, "Hot For The Teacher", they showed the outside of the video store and all on the windows had posters of new movies. Like Cars, Clerks 2, Little Man, John Tucker Must Die. I think they could've done better by doing something to hide them so it actually makes it look like it is supposed to be in 1994. In another episode a Nintento Gamecube was visible.Brilliant, love it! I hope it gets a 2nd season, just to see if they can mess it up even more. Really bad TV can be a lot more fun than just mediocre stuff...

The Winner FTW!

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"Artistic" pulp, 5 February 2007

I saw this at the 36th International Film Festival of Rotterdam.

It's a romanticized film made by a middle aged western woman aimed at...middle aged western women. It's filled with clichés about the way (rich) people from the West view Africa. The actors speak French: yeah like well clothed, French speaking Africans have to cross a desert to find water. Add in war, child soldiers etc. and an "artistic" soundtrack and the target audience will love it. Naturally in the end the main characters get saved by white people from the West. The actors acted unnatural but did a good job sticking to the silly script. Rated this a 2 because the animals acted well. For the rest it's "artistic" pulp.