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Pretentious Cop-Thief Cat and Mouse Game That Puts You to Sleep, 11 April 2002

This movie is about a cop (Ching Wan Lau) trying to catch a super-clever thief (Ekin Cheng) who blackmails an insurance company headed by a Kelly Lin. Basically, whatever plans the cop tries the thief somehow knows them beforehand. This movie, covered by handsome lead actors, beautiful lead actress and good camera shots of Hong Kong scenes, really has no substance at all. It's all flash, and the flash quickly becomes dull too. I lost all interests a third of the way into the movie, and there is no redeeming quality after that, except for the cinematography, which looks good. Only consider seeing this movie if you can do so for free. Also, consider stopping watching the movie 20 minutes into the movie because it's all the same to the end: BORING. 6/10

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misuse of Jackie Chan, 8 July 2001

Jackie Chan's strength is in my opinion his talent in performing action comedy and fighting in creative settings. This movie puts Jackie Chan in an average cop-action movie that hardly takes advantage of Jackie Chan's strength. If someone else has played the role that Jackie Chan played in this movie, the movie could be a decent one. But Jackie Chan's presence in the movie gives expectation of something else than what this movie is. This is the problem of this movie: using Jackie Chan in an unsuitable role; or on the flip side, giving the role to someone unsuitable for this movie, Jackie Chan.