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Found: A Good 80's Show From Aaron Spelling, 27 August 2002

"Finder" was a sweet little show, rare for Spelling Productions in the time of "Dynasty's" reign of 80's excess. The only way it resembled "Love Boat" was the wide range of notable guest stars it featured. The cast, headed by Deborah Adair and Tony Franciosa, did an excellent job of giving the stories depth. And the productions values, including beautifully subdued costume designs by Nolan Miller, were high and included great location shots. For a show with only 23 episodes, it's previously unnoticed value seems to be showing now on cable stations, nearly 20 years later.

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Charming comedy filled with romance and touching moments., 13 January 2001

"Julia Misbehaves" is a charming comedy filled with romance and touching moments. Greer Garson sparkles as Julia, a penniless showgirl who has been invited to attend the very formal wedding of her daughter, Elizabeth Taylor, whom she hasn't seen since she was a baby. Along the way, she encounters acrobat Cesar Romero and his wacky family, rich aristocrat Nigel Bruce with an eye for pretty girls, and estranged husband Walter Pidgeon who begins to wonder how he ever let her go in the first place. All of the interactions lead into one humorous complication after another and show off Ms. Garson's comedic timing that was rarely seen in her usual dramatic roles.