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Wonderfully acted and directed, 8 October 2007

I just saw it tonight at a sneak preview in Baltimore and it was great. I borrowed my best friend's husband as my date since he's into baseball and she's not. I expected it to be okay but schmaltzy and was pleasantly surprised. It never got too hokey, the humor was great and every character "popped" from the bald reporter (Larry Miller) to the bat boy who got laughs every time just by nodding his head. The grandparents were especially cute the way they picked on each other. I think my favorite part was seeing the pastor with a "doo rag" on his head as a disguise. The performances were uniformly excellent. Sean Astin was great as usual and Michael Angarano has really grown into quite the performer. Highly recommended.

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One of the best of the bunch, 22 August 2007

I used to love watching After School specials and as many as I watched this one that I always remembered. Seth Green was so young and Maddie Corman was great. I remember a scene where she had to dye her hair and I remember them having to learn new names/identities. I couldn't have said that Lindsay Crouse played the mom but then again it's been quite awhile. I know they've released several volumes of After School Specials but I wish they'd release some more including this one. Other faves included "Tattling: When to Tell On a Friend" with Alison Smith and Tammy Lauren, "Terrible Things My Mother Told Me" (in my top 3) with Beth Howland far removed from her "Vera" character and one that I can't remember that involved a babysitter who remembers being molested by an uncle after she recognizes the signs in a little girl she babysits. I remember a scene with her and her babysitting charge that involves a doll house. The guy who played the molester did other things but I always thought of him as the evil guy from the After School Special!