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Kimberly Williams-Paisley
8 September 2008
SPOILER (maybe) I am an avid watcher of According to Jim and have been a fan of Kimberly Williams since her early days in movies. Also respected the fact she went back to college and finished.

I was surprised in her relatively small role on the show. I figured as the wife of the main character and given her being a fairly "big name", she would be more involved. However, this movie was a refreshing change. Whether it's a movie about a player, coach or a businessman, there's always a wife going "you're obsessed, you're neglecting your family". It was nice to see the wife supporting her husband's uphill quest for a change. It seemed like Kimberly was always cheering on McCongahey's efforts (but not too many lines)
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According to Jim (2001–2009)
26 January 2007
This show is one of the great comedies. What I like about Jim's character is that (if you look deep enough) he actually is a responsible guy who takes care of his family, but he doesn't go "high and mighty" about how he does it, he has fun. The family (including Dana and Andy) spares nothing in sparring with each other, but when the chips are down everybody sticks together. Really the close-knit family is a feel-good quality.

It's kind of a cross between the Cosby Show, Roseanne, and Married with Children. Jim has a lot of Dr. Huxtable qualities, he just shows it in a more 21st century manner. It's better than Roseanne, which spent most of its later seasons emphasizing the kids and constant "abuse/money" problems. Married with Children was funny but doesn't portray a realistic family like Jim does.
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Dallas: The Early Years (1986 TV Movie)
Was this flashback a dream?
24 May 2006
I always wondered that since "Dallas, The Early Years" came out during the Dallas season that was later learned to be Pam's dream, if perhaps this flashback movie was also a dream.

I thought this movie didn't focus a lot of attention on the actual occurrence of the Jock-Digger breakup. I was a little underwhelmed by that. Basically, it focused on Jock and Digger's 1933 partnership and them fighting with Newman and the townfolk. Jock meets Ellie, and then Digger basically fight because Jock takes away Digger's liquor, then they immediately flip a coin to decide Ewing Oil? It appears that Jock is going to give Digger his share and doesn't consider it binding. Then the movie goes away from that theme, focuses on Jock's very quick romance with Ellie. Then it cuts to Digger being unhappy and then back to 1951 with Digger talking about Jock badly (just like he did in the real "dallas" show). But they never really talk about Jock's alleged stealing of Ewing Oil from Digger in 1933. Nor does Digger ever confront Jock and Ellie about their romance back in 1933. It just shows Digger mad a Jock in '51, which just as easily could have been 1978.
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