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The funniest Scottish Sitcom....ever!, 16 June 2001

This programme first came to our screens after Gregor Fisher had made Rab famous through his one man rants on Naked Video. Despite the humour used the show also acuratly portrayed the way life for so many underclass Scots.

The wit in this programme is something to enjoy. Fisher was born to play Nesbit and Elaine C. Smith is also excellent as Rab's long suffering wife Mary Doll. Andrew Fairley and the late Eric Cullen played their parts as the useless siblings of Rab and Mary excellently.

Despite the many roles that actors take on in their careers there is often one character in particular they will be remembered for. This is true in no one more than Gregor Fisher.

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Brilliant, 1 March 2001

Possibly one of the greatest Drama of the Last 10 years.

This story of Characters and events of post war britain is fantastic.

A must see. The Cast are all excellent and a times this will amaze you to see the changes that have happened in Britain.

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Perhaps the last funny carry on, 9 February 2001

This film is perhaps the last truly amusing one from the carry on stable. With Sid James in the title role as Dick Turpin the usual jokes are bound to surface "Have you seen dick" etc, etc.

However this Carry on is the last one to use all your favourites ie; Williams, Jaques, James etc.

A good movie for a sunday afternoon.

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Total Rubbish, 9 February 2001

During the rehearsal stage for this film Barbara Windsor walked out. Who can blame her, this amusing british film series had been reduced to a pathetic joke.

Kenneth Williams and Co labour as best they can with the woeful script. The editing sloppy and a totally abysmal performance from Suzanne Danielle as Emmannuelle Pervert.

Considering the fun the "Carry ons" have given so many of us this is frankly just pathetic.

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Tension and drama are the making of a classic., 1 February 2001

Where as many films with star casts have failed, this one does not.

This film oozes quality by the bucket load. It centres round the story of the survivors of a plane crash who attempt to build a plane out of the wreckage. The tension is apparent from the start with the heat of the desert alone almost driving the characters to madness.

The combination of brilliant script and excellent acting brings to the fore a brilliant film. Ian Bannen, in particular, gives gives both grit and relish in his possibily his greatest screen performance.