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Down Dog (2005)
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Got Guru?, 5 April 2006

This movie was hilarious and is highly recommended! Writer/Director Richard Roll is a rising force in Hollywood!

Essentially "Shampoo" in a yoga studio, this comedic gem is a wild romp through the spiritual pitfalls of the hyper-hip LA Yoga Scene. Our hero Guru Dave (Jeffrey Johnson) is a Will Ferrell look alike with a top knot who talks the yoga talk as a grand manipulation to bed his female students. But Dave meets his match in Grace (Chane't Johnson), a Queen Latifah-type enlightened being who rings Dave's bell in this raucous tale of female empowerment.

Visually stunning, expertly cut and hilariously composed, DOWN DOG is a wonderful debut by first-time filmmaker Richard Roll, marking the arrival of a fresh new film-making voice. Roll transports us to his yoga world and mines the inherent comedy of this subculture with an acumen that belies most first-time filmmakers. Stay tuned for the feature version — its sure to be a hit.