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No more shaky cameras please, 10 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nothing is really scary here in Blair Witch. Shaky camera-work like in the original "Blair Witch Project" makes the viewer dizzy. The endless shots of actors running around through the woods at night screaming and shouting while you can not really see why they are behaving that weird will drive you nuts. Most of them just scream because it's dark. If you think just because the technology has changed you get better footage you are wrong.

The character development is zero. You really don't care about the actors. No likable person like Heather in the original movie is here in this 2016 version. The lead character James is a real douche-bag who really thinks his sister Heather is still alive just because he saw a YouTube video that made him believe Heather is in this video. His girlfriend Lisa is just pretty but nothing else. Their friends seem to be idiots and the weird couple they meet who follow them into the woods are also not really likable persons. Nobody really cares if anyone of them dies.

This best thing on this film are the sound effects. Especially in the woods and at the end of the movie after James and Lisa have entered the house and scream, scream, scream and you cannot see anything. And of course the ending, which I don't wanna spoil here, is really funny.

Dear Filmmakers, please stop giving us movies with endless shaky camera-work. We as Horror Movie Fans have deserved much better than movies like this one!

Brings back Childhood memories, 13 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this show when I was a kid. Now thanks to the German label Koch Media all 13 episodes are remastered on DVD including the pilot that was never shown here.

If you liked "The Sting" with Paul Newman and Robert Redford than "Barbary Coast" is something you must see. William "Kirk" Shatner as Jeff Cable in various costumes including fake mustaches and wigs and Doug "Trampas" McClure as casino owner Cash Conover are fighting against crime at Barbary Coast. Both enjoy their parts and never take themselves much too serious. Richard "Jaws" Kiel as bouncer Moose has also some really funny scenes.

It was also enjoyable to see guest stars like Neville Brand, Henry Gibson or Eric Braeden showing up and having a good time.

"Barbary Coast" is a funny TV series from the 70ies and a must-see for fans of William Shatner. Unfortunately the show was canceled after its first season. The show brings back great childhood memories.

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Beautiful, 26 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A wonderful comedy and a typically french amour. Vincent Cassel and Francoise Cluzet as two fathers in their 40ies who spent their holidays with their teenage daughters in the sunny south of France.

First the daughters don't like the idea of spending their summer holidays in a house in the Provence but things change.

Lola Le Lann as Cluzets film daughter Louna is charming, beautiful, charismatic and a real wonderful actress with a great future in the business. Her character Louna fells in love with the best friend of her father (Cassel) after they spent a night on the beach together. While the elder man tries to forget what happened on the beach the girl is in love for the first time. She is wonderful when she tries to seduce Cassel and even her suffering after he rejects her in the next days is very much believable.

The funniest moments in this film has Francois Cluzet when he goes hunting the wild boars who ruin his garden but never gets them.

Alice Isaaz as Marie, Lounas best friend, gives also an impressive performance.

If you love funny and emotional films this one is a must-see!

El Gringo (2012)
Stay away from this film, 7 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The main problem with El Gringo is that the lead actor can't act and has absolutely no charisma. The other problem is that there is almost no story. The hero of this movie is running around or shooting most of the time so I really miss a script.

Christian Slater has also seen much better days. He's a good actor but hasn't much to do here so he gives us a Jack-Nicholson-for-the-poor performance.

The story reminds me of a mixture between El Mariachi and Desperado but without the coolness and the sense of humor that Robert Rodriguez films had.

Stay away from this film!

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Stay away from this film and better read the book!, 12 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really loved the book "About a Boy" from Nick Hornby. Its a wonderful story about a selfish man who makes friendship with a young boy because he dates his mother. The young boy reminds him much of himself, so he helps him to make the best out of his life and at the end the selfish man becomes a caring person.

There also was a subplot in the book about a Nirvana fan named Ellie who became the boys best friend. The book was funny, smart and heartwarming and I couldn't wait to see the film. What a disappointment!

They turned this great book into a really bad and boring movie! Only 20 percent from the story of the book is used in this film. It's really strange because Nick Hornby himself wrote the script.

You cannot blame it on the actors: Hugh Grant gives a fine performance, even when you read the book Grant comes in your mind. But the film has no drive, no humor, nothing. Just boring.

Stay away from this boring film and better read the book.

Chloe (2009)
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Better watch the French original version, 11 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Chloe" is a just bad remake from the french film "Nathalie" (2003) which starred Fanny Ardant, Emmanuelle Béart and Gérard Depardieu in the leading roles.

Director Atom Egoyan just added some senseless drama stuff into his version. If you compare both versions, this remake can only lose.

Amanda Seyfried is a real sweetie and I liked her even in "Lovelace" but here she is just miscast: While Emmanuelle Béart in the original version was gorgeous and really convincing as prostitute, Seyfried looks more like a lost little girl. Not one single moment you will think she is a prostitute.

Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson both did a great job but had no chance against the bad script. But Moore has one fantastic moment in the scene when she confesses her husband that she feels that she lost her youth and beauty while he gets more attractive with every gray hair and thinks he doesn't like her anymore. A very sensitive and wonderful moment that lets you forget the rest of the film.

Seyfrieds character Chloe is just a lost girl who is at first looking for friendship and then for love but at the end Moores character Catherine rejects her in both ways.

Better watch the French original version "Nathalie" which is much more enjoyable.

I loved this show, 13 January 2014

I really loved this show when it was aired. Unfortunately it lasted only for one season.

Mike O' Malley is Roger, a homeless guy who tries to commit suicide. He gets saved by Maurice Godin's character Jason who invites him to live with him. From now on Jason's life will never be the same.

The chemistry between the actors work great and both, O' Malley and Godin gave fine comedy performances. Another great performance comes from Hallie Todd, who plays Jason's crazy sister.

There are so many bad comedy shows on TV who run for years but this one, which was really funny and entertaining was canceled after one season.

Siren (2010/III)
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Pure Art, 26 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you expect some stupid and primitive horror slasher with lots of blood and gore than stay away from this movie. This is pure cinema art.

The cinematography is just beautiful and so is lead actress Anna Skellern. The rest of the actors are okay. It plays with the Greek mythology about Odysseus and the Sirens. Their songs drive everyone insane.

The story here is about a young couple, Ken and Rachel who went on a yacht trip with their best friend Marco. To make the story a little bit more complicated Rachel once was Marco's girlfriend, so there is lots of jealousy between the two men. One day a stranger comes on their ship. He bleeds out of his ears and dies.

So they enter the island to bury him. Here they meet the mysterious Silka and from now on nothing is like it was before. The boundaries between fiction and reality become indistinct and we see them all lost in a surreal fantasy.

What is real and what is fiction? Like Marco said in a scene: It's like an LSD trip. Silka turns out to be a Siren. When she starts singing everyone gets insane. I won't spoil the ending here but as I said: it's mystery not horror, more in the style of the Spanish cult movie "Amer" and films like "The Ring".

I like especially the surreal scenes in this movie and the brilliant cinematography. Pure art cinema!

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Do the "Shimmy Ride", 1 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are good films and there are bad films and – there are films like „Get Even", a film just made for the ego of one-time writer, producer, soundtrack composer, lead actor and director John De Hart.

The man fights, shoots, sings, meditates, makes love to a very beautiful woman (the lovely Pamela Bryant), tells bad jokes and all with the same impression on his face. The funniest scene is when he enters a stage that looks more like a recording studio and sings a country song called "Shimmy Ride", looking like he's not feeling very comfortable with this situation and not always hitting the right notes. The audience is poorly edited into this scene and I am sure if this clip would be uploaded on youtube it could become a huge hit.

The only good performance comes from William Smith who plays an evil cop here who later becomes an evil judge who is also a satanic priest – wow! So much evil in one man but Smith is really impressing in his scenes.

Another B-movie legend in "Get Even" is Wings Hauser, who probably gave the worst performance of his whole career in here.

Harts fight scenes look just ridiculous and they are poorly edited. He would have needed a fighting choreographer for that scenes. Especially when he fights against William Smith at the end of the film this scene is just laughable. Smith, then 60 when this was made but looking much younger, is taller, stronger and tougher than Hart. Hart doesn't even hit him but he wins the fight. Of course, because he is the writer, producer, soundtrack composer, lead actor and director of this.

"Get Even" is also shot on bad video and the editing isn't good, too but it is a film so bad that it's funny. If you liked "Bride of the Monster" or "Plan 9 from Outer Space" you will love this one. Come on and do the "Shimmy Ride"!

Fly Away (2011)
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A very sensitive film that you will not forget, 29 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is such a wonderful film that you will never forget in your life. It's not "Rainman", no big studio film to entertain masses. "Fly away" digs so much deeper into reality. It will touch you so deep inside.

The story of Jeanne and her autistic daughter Mandy. It's almost impossible for the mother to manager her life because she always has to take care of her daughter. Even a love romance with the new neighbor looks impossible and so does work when she loses a deal because Mandy deleted some files on her laptop. Jeanne visits a school for autistic kids and has to make the hardest decision in her life: to let Mandy go to live her life and to start living her own life.

There are so many intense scenes between mother and daughter. Even when they go out eating pizza and just having fun people look at Mandy without any understanding and tell her mother if she can't handle her she shouldn't go out with her. One of the most beautiful scenes in this film is when Jeanne already has an car accident because of Mandy's behavior during the drive. Jeanne stops the car and starts crying. Then Mandy sings for her "Ladybird", the song Jeanne always sang to her daughter when she woke up in the middle of the night crying and then she also tells her to breath in and breath out like her mother always did to her.

Ashley Richards gives an impressive performance as Mandy. She is so deep in her role that you just realize in the "Making of" that she is not really autistic. Beth Broderick plays Jeanne very sensitive and heart-touching. She is a great actress and this is one of her best parts ever. Both play their roles without makeup and give up all vanity. Beth is such a beauty she even looks great without makeup.

In the "Making of" everyone talks about their motivation about this project and so we hear that director/writer Janet Grillo has an autistic son and that Beth Broderick's sister works with autistic persons so that is why this film is so impressive.

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