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Yes it is a trilogy Mr Maguire, 5 May 2007

Why is everyone raving over the special effects? At times some of the explosions from the green goblin no.2's grenades were hilariously bad. Also, the girder smashing through the building, again, hilariously bad. Blatant greenscreen at times also and some terrible backgrounds. Then there was the film. Overlong, stupid and forced performance by Maguire, the moneys gone to that ones head....Didn't the plot just plod and plod and plod?! It felt like a better movie on pause, seriously. I was just sitting in the theatre and the good side of my movie viewing brain was rotting, ever so slightly. Who wrote the script for this?! It was very funny, that it was so pathetically written 80% of the way. 'You gotta get back on the horse MJ.' 'oh don't gimme the horse thing again.' Classy. I mean haha, I've heard better dialogue in porn. Then like all the dialogue was about the woes of MaryJane. Reiterated about 20 times. Yawwwwwwwwn. We don't care. WE DON'T CARE. Story was superbly boring. Simply one of the dullest action movies I have ever seen. Not even saved by the action sequences. Which were generally weak, to short and very repetitive choreography wise. The action sequences came out of nowhere quelling my interest in them whatsoever and the score for the film did little to get the blood pumping. The action just felt sub par the whole way through. venom was a little pussy with no personality. Definitely a poor, poor screen treatment. What was Raimi thinking? Before seeing this I felt a little disappointed at hearing rumours that Maguire wouldn't want to be in anymore spiderman films. Now I think his explanation that it felt like a trilogy is more a nice way of saying I don't want to be in this film. Hell, maybe he performaed so annoyingly badly on purpose so as to give a more competent actor a chance in the role of spidey. If this ends as a trilogy its been a weak finish.

Summed up in less lines: Weak baddies, weak fights, a slow, slithering pace. poor performances all round save for maybe James Franco. Script could have gone through many more drafts. So much unnecessary bits in there. Scores a couple points for the bit where parker has the venom power.

4/10 Sorry about the convoluted way in which I sum things up here. The special effects were my first gripe upon hearing some reviewer had raved about how spectacular they were.

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Miikes Imprint...., 15 April 2006

OK just a quick little comment from me. This short film, imprint is based on a Japanese book. I haven't read the book but it seems like a good thing for Miike to direct as it includes familiar Miike themes such as prostitution, hints of pedophilia and torture. The story is quite good, told in flashbacks mainly it is about a beautiful prostitute who died. The story is revealed nicely and keeps you guessing and misleads you to maintain the intrigue.

Their are some very disturbing scenes such as some torture and abortion bits. Its shot quite nicely with some nice lighting and camera movement. The story ends up surprising you and disgusting you at the same time.

This is the best Miike film for a while, graphic, intense, shocking, true horror.

Its easy to see why it didn't play on showtime.