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O Fantasma (2000)
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a different type of film, 13 September 2006

i found this film a little hard going to start with, the explicitness didn't bother me after all we now are in the 2000's, and we should all live equally together whether gay straight or bisexual. the film follows Sergio and his peccadillo's of sado-masochism, his excessive sexual fantasies lead him around Lisbon during his work at night, masturbating a police officer and oral sex in a public convenience are graphic but was not off putting, he has a life that is different to a lot of people, working a night shift he has the chance to "enjoy" himself, and does so. Going through the rubbish and picking out gloves and used swimming trunks which he wears and even gets turned on by wearing them, the shower scene is not graphic which makes it more of a turn on, by watching his face, he gets to the point of no return, the actor portraying Sergio (Meneses) give an excellent performance and isn't afraid to show his feelings in such a film, good luck to him in the future, with his looks and body he should be very busy within the film trade, give the film a chance i found it excellent.

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good film, 2 April 2006

i watched this film on film4 after the customary warnings from the announcers and the person who introduced it (mark kermode) after listening to what he said i thought lets watch it anyway, thank god, a person who makes films with good content and not afraid to add in explicit content, as an adult i was glad that i had the choice to watch such a film and not have it cut by the censors. an excellent film, worth watching. anybody wanting to learn about the secret lives many gay men have to live to have their sexuality kept secret should watch this film, it is an eye opener, we now live in the 2000's and the world has to open up to different sexuality, and not keep denigrating it, watch this film with open eyes and open your heart to the guys in the film, not all gay men act like this but secrecy is always to the fore especially for people like teachers, who a lot of people would put down if they were found out to be gay.