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The irony is very correct., 29 August 2008

Since the name of the movie is "Disaster Movie". The basic irony is that it's a ****ING DISASTER! A 90 minute **** flick based on pop culture and movie trailers. My god, Seltzer, retire and live off the money you made from your other below 3 star rated pieces of horse ****, please. Now when you do these type of movies, you're never going to get the "jokes" in 5 years, maybe even 2. They're just wasting their time, not really. They're just wasting our time. But whoever goes and sees this are brainless (Hypocrite moment) but bare with me, I got in for free and I regret it.

A free ticket, and a bad nightmare.

Do not watch this, support other films that are coming out today whom deserve it more.

Come on, do you REALLY want more of these? **** guys, just ****.

Home Alone 4 (2002) (TV)
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What's scarier?, 22 August 2008

Daring yourself to watch this, or the kids' face on the movie poster?

I'd have to go with the kids' face, but I highly recommend you choose daring yourself to watch this movie.

Anyways, I don't exactly take this as a movie, I remember watching this back when it aired on TV. I thought to myself (And I was young at the time, probably 12 or 13), why is that on TV instead of shelves? so I might as well watch it right? Well, That question was answered horribly on my case.

Don't watch this, you're illogical as the writers, producers and directer of this movie if you do. You don't want to prove yourself as an illogical human you?

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Very Compelling Comedy, 21 August 2008

Ben Stiller and an All-Star cast delivered a very well put together comedy. Many are concerned about the "Retard" aspect in this movie. You can never please anyone, ever. There is always some troll who has a bottle up his *** and can't take a joke, but people are stupid people. Anyways, onto the movie, who gives a **** about trolls.

The movie starts off as a spoof from Platoon (And you already know the scene), Stiller nails it. I laughed my *** off when he flailed his arms while falling down like in Platoon. This entire movie is spoofs of almost every war film ever made.

Afterwords, they get sent to Vietnam in actual war soil, which they don't know is. With set up video cameras, explosives and armed Vietnamese soldiers. They start one of the greatest comedies of the decade.

I highly recommend you watch this if you're into comedies.

This is no Date, Epic, Scary, or Super Hero Movie ladies and gentlemen, this is gold.

PS: I loved Jack Black's character.