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Missed the Point of the Story., 13 December 2010

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I felt really disappointed when I saw this film. Sure Ben Barnes was great eye candy in this movie but other than that there wasn't anything to enjoy.

The book was this adventure story showing the change of Eustace, a self-centered, no-nonsense boy who didn't believe in anything. The movie was a flash from one island to another showing some made up villain in green smoke which was half-fast and not even slightly thought out.

I guess the script writers weren't able to grasp what the story was really about and they thought there had to be some visible villain to fight. The whole book was about Man Vs. Self but by throwing in this green smoke that makes you see what you fear it seemed to take away the realness of how horrible even good people are inside. They really managed to destroy their own movie by making that the center of their story rather than having it be the growing up book it really was.

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A Very "Adult" Fairy Tale, 6 September 2007

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Although I did not watch this movie as a child and therefore cannot say what it would have been like , as an adult I found it to be a humorous and somewhat suggestive movie. But before I get into the plot allow me to praise this amazing cast of actors! Bernadette couldn't be more charming in the role of Sleeping Beauty. While she sings to the visiting King you cannot help but be drawn to her eyes and her sweet innocent face- almost mirroring Shirley Temple. As Princess Debbie she is equally charming-although opposite of Beauty. You really get to see Peters at what she does best- being obnoxious! For her handsome Prince you have Christopher Reeve as a heroic and at times over zealous prince out searching for perfection. His character is wholly good and serious and through that hilarity ensues! The supporting cast includes Rene Auberjonois as King Boris, Sleeping Beauty's lovable father who enjoys fairy tales before bed and would do anything to protect his daughter. Beverly D'Angelo as Henbane the saucy and mean-spirited fairy who clearly has nothing better to do with her time and Carol Kane is the sweet and naïve good fairy who clearly needs a little time to do her best thinking. This all-star cast is brilliantly put together to make a stunning child fairy tale come to life.

As for the movie itself, I think that adults who enjoy fairy tales and fantasy can really sink their teeth into this. In one particular scene Princess Debbi (Peters) requests that the Prince (Reeves) remove pearls from her top with his teeth. At another part in the movie the process of sex is explained to the Queen by a brownie before you see her seducing the King. Although the movie isn't gory or dark as the Grimms Fairy Tale version is, it's clear that the movie was made for both adult and child alike to enjoy. I highly recommend it to all fantasy and fairy tale lovers.