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I think this is wonderful!, 10 March 2008

I have not read the books and so do not know how true it is to them but as a drama in itself i think that it is brilliant! There are many story lines yet they all link into one, the acting is superb and hilarious, an extremely worthwhile period drama and I am very pleased to say that my cousins who are 15 and 17 year old males, are absolutely obsessed and I am very pleased that it is appealing to such a wide range of people and educating them. Who knows, we could have them watching Jane Austen next!!!!!!!! We record it on a Sunday night and as we do not have any spare evenings until Friday night to watch it, I am practically tearing my hair to see what happens! I love this and don't want it to end!

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A film completely untrue to the book!, 5 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't watch this film. It is not true to the book and although follows the main story, it changes very important parts and people should not take these liberties when such a brilliant writer created it. There is unpleasant sexual content which is really not needed. Fanny is far to confident and although likable, is not how she should be and is in the book. The costume designer was clearly looking at a different period in time and should have looked on the internet for information on the fashions of the period. The house looked gorgeous from the outside but inside looked like a poor persons house or a barn- the walls bare and some random chairs placed in the centre of the room. This film completely destroys the book and should not be under this name. Having said all this is probably would be an OK film under a different name. A better time could have been spent watching Gwyneth Paltrow in 'Emma'