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1st episode, 31 March 2006

Kat was the coolest. Too bad the other rich kids couldn't deal with a rich kid who's not into money. Maybe if the show wasn't so shallow, with a chance for some real dialog, people actually would have learned something. The 'poor' kids might have learned that not all rich kids are shallow, egotistical, arrogant snobs (by giving Kat more chance to talk). The show started by already pitting the poor kids against the rich before they showed up. And where did they pick these rich kids - Losers Row? Billed as an opportunity to teach rich kids how to work - I think it was created by a resentful once-poor kid trying to get back at somebody form his past. Hey - maybe somebody can do a show with Kat & her bros & sis. I just loved her line that it was tiring to hear the rich kids talk about nothing but money. Maybe it bored her so much she intentionally got kicked off. ever think of that?