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Worlds Most Intensifiyingly Electrifyingly Amazing Vidoes is what it should be called!, 7 December 2007

I feel sorry for those who have commented poorly on this programme. If you don't like to see thing getting blown up with a sinister sounding narrator in the background then get up off your fat one and change the bloody channel...OK!! I know it doesn't cater for anally retarded, stuck up their own holes, pieces of muck, but i'm sure you must be able to find something you like. And if you haven't noticed there was a Worlds most amazing videos 2, so there are people who enjoy it and would like very much if you stick to watching what you eat, cause i'm sure you are all most likely to be fatties! As for the show, i can't wait to go home tonight and watch it! Great show and hope there's another one on the way!

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An all round classic!, 24 April 2006

I saw this movie five years ago and thought it was funny and then watched it again yesterday (23rd April 2006) and i think i laughed even harder! So i give this film a full 10, cause i believe it deserves to be a lot higher than 4 out of 10! It is another classic from the same mind of the creator of home alone, which by the way is another great movie. I know that this movie is aimed at children, but the acting from the three main characters that kidnap the baby is funny! And just to here that one line to the fat lady, "Give her a sandwich", puts me in stitches of laughter every time. So watch it and enjoy it as much as i did!