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Thriller over Musicals!, 7 January 2001

I have always been one who enjoys the `less violent' films of my generation and of course I can't forget the favorites of my grandparents and I, the infamous musicals. The films that you knew what was going to happen before it happened. The ones where you know who will end up together and the whole movie pertained to trying to win that special girls heart. Yes, those kinds of movies have always been my favorites. The choreography; singing and dancing. Tapping your foot along with the beat always made my day a little brighter. These kinds of movies I have always watched until The Godfather movie was placed before me. I was not asked to view this movie for pleasure but instead I was forced to watch it for a class, my grade depended on it. I must say that I have never seen anything like this before. The intense action, not knowing which way to turn, who to trust, who would betray next, made this movie one of my all time favorites. Not only do I get the love scenes but I get a thriller. A spine tingling action-packed movie. Couldn't ask for anything better. The performance of Al Pacino was magnificent. The way he brought out his character; the evil, deceitful deeds he preformed all in the name of his family, left me with an exact definition of what a Godfather, a Don, is like. Robert Duvall put on a fantastic show as the part of Tom Hagen. Tom was the faithful lawyer and a brother to the Corleone family. Robert helped to create the sense of suspicion in his character. Robert De Niro played an important role as Vito Corleone. His splendid job of letting the viewers have the ability to see the similarities between Michael and his father Vito, left me with a specific idea to how and why Michael was the way he was. The ability to see this, tied the family together in an formal way. The use of flashbacks into Michael's fathers life helped for me to see how this illegal institution arose and helped to make the certain connections that were not provided in The Godfather (1972). This movie is a fascinating piece to analyze and should be highly judged according to this affiliation. I need not mention the lighting styles that were chosen for this particular film. Very clever. The way the light reflected off of certain objects like the red rose upon Vito Corleone's chest, left me with the vision of blood. This film was dirty. It was a film where many killed, but they killed as if the individuals never existed in the first place. The darkness of the film left me with the sense that these people are evil. Either you are in the shadow of the Don, only the outline of your figure is visible, or you are a more important person in the life of the Don, in which you were `lighted' when it became necessary to deliver important information. I enjoyed both the Godfather movies, part one and two, but part two still continues to make the hair rise on my arms. I can watch it over and over and the effect that the movie has on me never changes. Even though I am not tapping my feet and singing along I definitely think that this is the greatest sequel ever made.