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A technically brilliant accomplishment!, 7 January 2001

Breath-taking, amazing, and extravagant in every sense of the word.

The ending remains the best shot I have ever seen for ANY movie. Kevin Costner did a great job and James Earl Jones was splendid as well. I cannot recommend this movie enough... it is a classic and definitely one for the ages...

"If you build it, he will come"

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One of the most enjoyable motion pictures I've ever seen,, 7 January 2001

This is one of my favourite movies and it's just wonderfully acted, directed, produced, and scored. What can I say except don't rent it, buy it! This movie is all about human emotions and Adam Beach and Evan Adams did an unforgettable acting duty as Thomas and Victor.

It's a film for the ages. A classic and one that is unfortunately, missed by many. Don't be one of those folks that pass this movie because of its "lack of explosions, cgi, or american actors"... Smoke Signals makes you open up your mind, body, and soul.

At least for the 100 or so minutes it's running... then the rest is up to you.

Annabelle's Wish (1997) (TV)
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The best cartoon I ever saw. Period., 7 January 2001

This is an animation for the ages. I thought "Mickey's Christmas Carol" was my absolute favourite of all time, until I saw Annabelle's Wish.

It's the tale of true friendship and unselfishness that I believe EVERYONE should watch. It touches the heart, body, and soul with stunning visuals, a great score, and wonderful art and voices. Buy it if you have kids. Buy it if you are a kid. Buy it... if ... if you still believe there is some good and worth in this world left.

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The REAL Big Guy is back... and better then ever!!!, 7 January 2001

Yes, the Godzilla we grew up with... is back. With some modifications here and there. I hope the "non Godzilla" fan can give this movie a shot. It's really good and Godzilla is an enduring icon that has thus far spanned nearly 50 years and 24 movies.

I had an absolute thrill watching this in the theatres with my friend and I hope you give it a chance.