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A wonderful piece of cinema, 19 May 2002

Y tu mama, tambien is one of those movies that actually changes the way you feel immediately after watching it. The movie has many fun, lighthearted, entertaining exchanges between actors, but it is also a very deep movie that doesn't make the viewer want to commit suicide at the end. For instance, a narrator will often mention what a character is thinking to him/herself during a conversation. This makes the characters much more dimensional than if you had simply heard their somewhat superficial dialogue. This is a wonderful movie that links the past, present and future together along with the characters of varied social status. This is a movie for anyone who remembers the road trips and experimental attitudes of adolescence. Two thumbs WAY UP!!!

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A wonderful example of good quality writing, acting and art, 7 January 2001

Billy Elliot is a wonderful story of a young boy overcoming obstacles to participate in the one activity that takes him away from his troubled family life. By dancing, Billy unleashes his frustrations, yet also receives much criticism by participating in a less than macho sport. Every aspect of this movie was well done: the acting was superb, the characters were complex but believable, but the cinematography alone takes the cake. The cameras look at things from some very interesting and unusual views. Every shot was well planned out and every item in the background had importance.

This is one of the best movies I've seen recently and one that definitely shouldn't be missed by anyone that believes in following his or her dreams.