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My favorite Romantic Comedy, 1 June 2005

This film I only discovered fairly recently, and just absolutely fell in love with it. It sure seemed familiar and lo and behold then I read about the Pride and Prejudice connection and then it all made complete sense.

This is such a charming, lovely homage to Pride and Prejudice. The three lead characters are just perfect. It is funny, sweet at times, sad at others, and just wonderfully sexy and v. romantic (especially the last 1/4th of it).

Renee is so extraordinary as Bridget Jones, who would have ever thought she could play so believable a modern Brit woman so well. Her accent seems flawless to me. Hugh Grant is hilarious and a charming Lothario throughout. But Colin Firth is who really sold me on this film. His ability to play a guy that you start out not liking but drooling over by the end of the movie is sublime.

I am a big fan of the less is more style of acting that Mr. Firth puts forth in this film...much of his performance is in his eyes and his facial expressions. While Daniel (Mr. Grant's character) chatters on and on and tries to charm with his wit and words, Mark Darcy (Mr. Firth's character) just has a strong and rather silent presence along with an integrity of character that is revealed and he wins us over (as well as Bridget).

This movie has a lot going on outside of the wonderful romance as well. Contemporary events, gender inequities, social differences, work place decorum, fashion, self-image, sex, family, and friendship all come under the scrutiny of Bridget Jones and her diary.

This is a very good adaptation of a beloved novel. The tone, scene selection, dialogue and characters capture the essence of what fans of the book love about it. I cannot imagine it any better cast or written.

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Chemistry with a capital "C", 11 December 2002

OK, turn to the dictionary under the word Chemistry....specifically couple chemistry. There you should find a picture of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd as David Addison and Maddie Hayes from Moonlighting. This series is a seminal study of sexual chemistry among lead actors and flaunted sharp, sexy, witty writing to match. If you have never seen a single episode of this series, you need to, and be prepared for a real treat. If you start at the beginning and watch this totally wonderful flirty, feisty pair become business partners, then best friends and then so much more, you will find yourself falling in love with these two remarkable characters that head up the slightly dysfunctional Blue Moon Detective Agency. In the process you will flip over how fabulous Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd are in these two roles. I don't think either one of them has ever been better or at least more charming, and that includes movies, other series, guest stints etc.

Equally great is the screwball nature of the whole series, the overlapping rapid fire banter between the two; the convoluted madcap madness of the cases they get involved in; the eccentric, wacky co-workers and relatives; and most of all how well these two play the will they or won't they game. (Pssst! They do; boy do they ever do!)

There have been critics and feminist writers who accuse the series of having a sexist viewpoint and of demeaning the female lead. But I just don't see it. Both David and Maddie are shown to be equally flawed, equally vulnerable, and equally wonderful in their own wacky kind of way. But they are both compelling to watch--hilarious at times, emotionally involving, and smolderingly sexy--especially in their scenes together. Yes, he is a sexist at first and she is an ice queen--but watch them both evolve through the influence of the other. These are two fully developed, wholly created characters, and their relationship and reactions to each other seem as real as real gets.

The peak of this show is the third season when nearly every episode of that season hit a home run out of the park. Of special note, this is the season that brought to our living rooms the famous Taming of the Shrew parody (Atomic Shakespeare), the delightful story told through dance episode of Big Man on Mulberry Street, the Capraesque It's a Wonderful Job, and the riveting four part continuing story line involving the romantic triangle with Mark Harmon guest starring...the storyline that lead to the very very famous consummation scene between Maddie and David. It also had one of the very best season finale episodes (and one of the naughtiest) ever on TV, To Heiress Human.

There are also some very very good episodes early on in the first two seasons as well, one being the critically acclaimed and quite engaging black and white film noir send-off titled The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice.

The fourth season followed the pregnancy of Maddie Hayes, written into the show following the real life pregnancy of star Cybill Shepherd. That season showed some wonderful dramatic acting by Mr. Willis and several unexpected plot twists following Maddie's return from Chicago where she had gone to make decisions about the direction of her life and her relationship with David.

The fifth season was mostly problematic with a few glimmers from time to time of what made the series so great. Following the departure at the beginning of the fifth season of the show's creative center, Exec Producer and Creator Glenn Gordon Caron, the series never quite recovered its magic from seasons 1-4.

Still when it comes right down to it, this was one of the most creative, original and totally involving TV series ever to grace the tube. And through it, I fell in love with both Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd and still follow both of their careers to this day.

I am so excited that this series is coming to DVD in May 2005 with the release of seasons 1 & 2. Now if they will just follow up with seasons 3, 4, & 5.

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Best New Series of 2002, 11 December 2002

I have to admit, I am a snob about TV. There is very little I watch on a regular basis. And I was not familiar with any of the cast here. But one Thursday night, I happened to catch this show, and I have been hooked ever since. Nothing else new this TV season has appealed to me quite like this show has.

It is intelligent, compelling and seems quite realistic. There is a great ensemble of actors here who are the regulars, and each week the missing person case is unique, filled with twists and turns, but also demonstrates the value of hard work, studying the details, and dedication in getting a job done well. I have learned a whole lot about investigative work, something I would have never thought interested me as much as it does on this show. God is in the details here and this show delivers in spades.

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A witty, wacky, action-filled introduction to TV's hot couple of the 1980's, 8 January 2002

When I first watched this pilot episode back in 1985, I tuned in to see Cybill Shephard, and she was wonderful. But what I saw from then unknown Bruce Willis totally blew me away. He was original. There was no one like him on tv at that time. The chemistry between the two was more than apparent from their first scenes together, and it kept me and millions of others coming back week after week to watch.

Wacky, witty and action-filled, this pilot gave a nice introduction to the characters and style of the show. Although several of the series episodes of Moonlighting were much better than this first movie, here we get a taste of the fast paced dialog and exciting banter between the two leads that was a hallmark of this great show.

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A wonderful conclusion to a compelling story--action, adventure, and romance, what more could you want!, 6 January 2002

At last the answer to the question millions who have read the book have wondered about for over thirty years--just who does Christy marry. This exciting adventure answers that question once and for all.

If you want action, including a life-threatening storm and flood complete with a river rescue, a beloved character trapped under a collapsed building, the lead character suffering from a near fatal fever, and passionate verbal and physical exchanges between Christy and her future husband, then this one is the one to watch.

The acting is the best in the three new Christy movies and Miss Smith gives a convincing performance as the lead character. This movie also contains Finlay-McLennan's as Dr. MacNeil at his absolute best...he has several pivotal scenes with Christy that will move you beyond belief. You will also enjoy both James Waterston as David Grantland and Jacob Witkin as Dr. Ferrand here as they set out on a trek through the storm to aid the others and in the process, you learn a great deal about these two fine men.

The wedding is also just what we had all hoped for for so many years, and it is beautiful, tearful and joyful at the same time.

Other supporting players give great performances--Olivia Kelly as Ruby Mae is a treat, and she adds the light comedy in a charming way. Dale Dickey as Opal McHone is fantastic...she gives a totally real, inspiring performance. And Mike Hickman as Bird's Eye Taylor has a really great moment in this film.

I can not recommend this film enough...especially for true "Christy" fans. There are some scenes here that will leave you breathless. This is also the most spiritual of the three movies and those who watch "Christy" for its religious and moral values will not be disappointed. Your whole family should enjoy this.

Christy (1994) (TV)
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Enchanting, well-written adaptation of great book with incredible cast., 3 March 2001

This classic American novel was beautifully turned into a movie and then a television series. This film has it all for charming family entertainment. Cute, perky Kellie Martin in the title role who has the most expressive eyes of any actress around. Tremendously talented actress Tyne Daly playing Christy's mentor, Alice Henderson. Perfectly cast and playing Dr. Neil MacNeill is Stewart Finlay-McLennan who steals nearly every scene he is in. And then the very attractive Randall Batinkoff that does a pretty good job as Reverand David Grantland. Also outstanding in the cast is Tess Harper as mountain woman Fairlight Spencer and Mike Hickman playing the moonshiner Birds-Eye Taylor. Between MacLennan, Hickman and Daly, it's a wonder any other performances get noticed. But nearly every scene is compelling.

Cute children, beautiful location scenery, moving spiritual themes, unforgettable characters, and a budding romance triangle, these are all found in this film that you will watch over and over.

Christy: The Movie (2000) (TV)
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Wonderful, fun, and true to the book, 6 January 2001

If you like the novel Christy, then don't miss this true to the book continuation. Not only are the actors as if they stepped out of the pages of the book, but the story lines and scenery are as they should be in this heart-warming, family tale. Excellent, entertaining script about the idealistic young school teacher Christy (wonderfully played by Lauren Lee Smith) as she struggles to bring change and progress to a resistant backwoods community in 1912 Cutter Gap, Tennessee.

To complicate matters, there is also Christy's personal struggles as she faces a career crisis and a romantic dilemma over two men that seem to want some type of commitment from her that leave her uncertain and confused. Playing Christy's two love interests are Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Dr. Neil MacNeill and James Waterston as the Rev. David Grantland. Finlay-McLennan (who played MacNeill in the original series) is magical in this movie and his scenes here are without a doubt the best of a very good thing. And Waterston makes a likeable, earnest David Grantland.

Also on hand is Diane Ladd giving a strong performance as Miss Alice Henderson. How can you not like this warm, wonderful movie? It carries on the spiritual, uplifting, and family values tradition of Christy very, very well.