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Timemaster (1995)
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Arguably One of the worst movies of the 90's, 23 July 2002

This movie blows the big one! There are no redeeming qualities to be found in Timemaster. It takes a real bunch of losers to take a cool idea like time travel and transform it into what we see here. Einstein must be rolling around in his grave! How dare they quote him in this piece of garbage! Timemaster isn't a good children's movie, either. Garbage is garbage. I wouldn't show this filth to my children. So boring it hurts! 1 out of 10.

D.A.R.Y.L. (1985)
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D.A.R.Y.L. Blows the Big One!, 6 July 2002

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D.A.R.Y.L. blows the big one, if you know what I mean! This movie attempted at what Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence achieved. You can chalk this one up as an absolute cheeseball. I almost gave up on it after the nauseating Ballgame scenes, but I became a little more interested when the plot picked up after Daryl is taken away by the government scientists. Stick around for a pretty decent cop chase but I doubt you'll make it that far!

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Sometimes a bad thing is so's good., 2 July 2002

Once in a while a movie is so horrific, poorly made, and of such poor taste that it actually crosses into the realms of what I consider to be an entertaining flick. Aurora Encounter successfully achieves good scores on all the criteria I deem to be important. From the semi-novel plot of an alien encounter set in the past to the annoying synthesizer music throughout to the poorly acted, cheese-puffed satisfied me. Take all the poor production techniques and anti-climactic plot, slap'em together and add the most distasteful choice of all...the use of a CHILD with a degenerative disease as a hideous alien. The people that went along with making this film obviously had no spine for I cannot understand why anyone would take part in the exploitation of a fourteen year old kid! He was going to die soon of this disease! So now that I've established why myself and everyone else that enjoys this picture or has anything to do with it is going to hell, may I also say that I believe this film is the making of a quality B flick and is entertaining on many levels. I've also recently learned that recording artist DJ Shadow samples this film in his album Endtroducing..... An album you should definitely check out. Try and find the sample(s)'s fun.

I'm telling you, there's something special about this movie.

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A delightful film!, 14 January 2002

I don't know what all the dissing is for! This is a great film, although I would've picked different music for the soundtrack. Entertaining...funny...heart and soul. What more could you ask for? Whoopi's best performance next to The Color Purple...