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A horrid piece of tripe. You'd be hard pressed to find it but avoid at all costs anyway.
11 September 2004
I watched this movie on an old demo tape. A demo tape being a video they give to video stores to see whether they wish to put it on their shelves or not. If I was a video store owner, I certainly wouldn't pick this one up. This movie was nothing more than classic B movie drivel with no redeeming value. Some inane plot about a drug dealer which I found difficult to follow and just plain boring. I doubt many people have seen or even heard of this movie, before I corrected it, IMDb had the title wrong. If you do happen to come across this somehow, don't waste that precious 1 1/2 of your life. Go out and do something else.

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There is no need to see anything else
16 April 2002
This movie is such a good anti-war film, there is no need to ever see any other war films. This film sums it all up, not just the vietnam war but all war in general. It makes a bold and daring statement about the reality of war and how it affects those who partake in it. I cringe when societies ignorant citizens say that somthing like " We were soldiers" is the best Nam movie ever without ever viewing Apocalypse Now. If you have never seen it, do yourself a favor and rent it today.
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The most awful show ever
4 April 2002
I remember at one time when I was young, I thought this show was actually funny. Thanks to late night TBS, I can now watch all the reruns I want. However, after viewing one episode, I was shocked to see how horrible this show really is. Unless you are interested in bad childish comedy, stupid videos and an insane audience I recommend never ever viewing this show.
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Better than I expected
29 January 2001
I simply rented this movie to get a head start in my english class. I heard we are reading this book, so I rented the movie to have the edge over my classmates who know nothing of it yet. "HA HA HA" I thought now I will be smarter.

However, going into the film thinking this was going to be a dull boring movie was not what happened. This is a great movie from beginning to powerful end and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to give drama movies a chance.

Gary Sinise directed John Stienbecks novel perfectly. The story is about two men, one not so bright, and their search for work in the depression. Simple but wonderful.

7.6 out of ten as an average seems too low for all the good comments about this movie.

A Must See 9/10
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Great movie! I am angry at you people however.
26 January 2001
Come on. For all people who say this movie is boring, non entertaining and finding stupid flaws with it, Give me a break. This is easily the best war movie ever. To say that you were not moved by it in any way means you have some sort of mental ailment or you are lying. I cannot understand how people say such movies like the matrix are better. The matrix may be a good film,a great film, but to say it was better than this movie should be a sin. Most definately the MTV generation making such statements as this. Anyone who agrees with me can e-mail me. All others, read a few books about WW2, open up your mind and watch it again.

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