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Ehhh... seriously?, 30 January 2013

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I was honestly expecting a lot more, given the multiple nominations for awards. I really thought this movie was overdone and could have been pared down by at least 45 minutes. In the end, it was just a glorified "we killed bin laden" pseudo-documentary. The character relationships never developed and seemed empty. And I didn't really find the main actress very believable or that great. Scenes of shooting dead bodies also were probably a bit too much -- overall this movie seemed overly nationalistic and simplistic without delivering much in the way of content. I thought Hurt Locker was a significantly better movie. Again, I am somewhat surprised at the number of award nominations this movie received.

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I want my wasted time back, 28 October 2001

Simply put, this movie was horrible. Many of the scenes were laughable, and I found myself not even caring about the characters 30 minutes into the film. The only reason why I stayed is beacause I was hoping to find out just exactly what was going on; for an end or resolution to come to this movie. It is ludicrous to call these disconnected, disjointed, and incoherent ramblings art. Was it really necessary to show the girl pleasuring herself? This film was vulgar, and did not have any point to it. I just don't understand how so many people can say this is such a wonderful film. And I'm tired of people thinking that they're so intelligent because they "got it." Although this movie showed promise, it was entirely too long and was not lucid enough to satisfy me. I left feeling angry and cheated out of my time and money. Unfortunately, Lynch lacked the talent to pull together this movie into something worthwhile. Call it laziness or lack of intelligence on the writer's part, but I think the audience was cheated. Some of the scenes make me laugh just thinking about them because they are so stupid. Silencio! This is not an intellectual film, so please don't let people con you into thinking that you are "stupid" if you "don't get it." This movie stinks.

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Most original and funniest movie I've seen in a while, 17 July 2001

If you have had any exposure to surfing, rent this flick (or watch it on TNT!). Before watching, keep in mind that this is a surfing movie made in 1987, so its going to throw you off a little bit. Make sure you don't take this movie seriously or you will hate it. My friend and I were laughing hysterically... (One scene when Chandler is walking in after surfing has a boogie boarder yell "whoooaaa!" and fly off his board in the background, while another surfer rides lame whitewater all the way to sand just to be in the background of this scene). Overall, the lines are corny, cheesy, and hilarious. For example, when the shaper says, "Turtle- you shaped this? Want to come surfing with us?" and I swear its like watching a 4 year old. My only complaint was that they could have cut out a lot of the love scenes considering this isn't really a movie to be taken seriously (although that chick is cute!).

For a lighthearted laugh and flashback to the 80's, rent this movie. Oh yeah, did I mention how bitchin the soundtrack is??

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Finally, a great new action flick!, 5 July 2001

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Although it obviously exaggerated the street racing scene, The Fast and the Furious presented a refreshingly different type of movie. The engine sounds were so real and sensory that I felt like I was really there. And the cinematography was especially well done (the scene with the train where the film built to a crescendo). Perhaps its the dank greens, but I really got a rush from seeing this film!

Go see this flick!

The Skulls (2000)
Skulls was not my favorite, 2 February 2001

Secret societies have long been a longstanding tradition and source of mystery in history. The Skulls presents a unique and far-fetched glimpse at one man's induction into such a society, while attempting to utilize a terribly predictable and cliche script. The movie opens up well enough, and I must admit the first 45 minutes or so caught my attention. However, the movie drags on and on, leaving the viewer hoping for a quick, merciless, and graceful resolution to this waste of resources.

It Skucked.