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Ronald Reagan stole this line., 18 February 2003

In the 1980 New Hampshire primary, an exasperated Ronald Reagan blurted out the famous line "I'm paying for this microphone!" when a moderator threaten to turn off the microphones at an unruly debate. It was a hugely successful and defining moment for Reagan, nailing down his image as a man of rugged independence who refused to suffer fools gladly -- to say nothing of his ability to craft a clever quip. However, given his Hollywood roots, it seems more likely he consciously or unconsciously lifted this line from Spencer Tracy's character in "State of the Union."

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enjoyable, but flawed, 24 July 2004

I enjoyed this movie but the search was too contrived -- in an hour's worth of phone calling, just to the people listed on the book jacket, Dow's location would have been nailed down. Obviously, that wouldn't have made much of a movie, but it is exasperating to watch Mark Moskowitz go through this painstaking, globe-trotting search for someone who wasn't that hard to find.

However, the story of a well-written, well-reviewed book disappearing without a trace, the author's story, and the interesting web of people connected to him make this a satisfying and unique movie.

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Ponderous, 10 April 2003

Good idea for a movie, but this one draaaags. Mick Jagger's acting outshines all others, though James Coburn and Olivia Williams are good. Andy Garcia's character is annoyingly dense, and has a habit of pausing for several seconds before uttering every line. Great looking film -- too bad the script isn't tighter and they didn't cast someone else in the lead.

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don't bother, 9 April 2003

The worst movie I've seen in a long time. This whole thing rings false, and the Billy Crudup character especially so. The potential for a good story is there, but this movie never comes close to delivering. Every plot element just drifts away.