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Very Good Show!, 13 October 2002

I definitely miss this show. I was about 10 years old while it was airing, I found it very hilarious (at the account of Bo and Abe getting themselves into "hot water" whenever they would attempt a certain scheme) and I looked forward to watching it every Saturday afternoon while curled up in front of the television. Back then, I found it to be very original compared to what was airing on television at that time, it was definitely a breath of fresh air for me. This show is prime example of a good show that is overlooked and underrated because of all of the overrated, watered-down shows in which were competing with it at the time (It always seems to be the actual good shows that get the boot and the crapola shows that remain on television for at least 4 or 5 years). "They Came From Outer Space" will always remain a classic in MY book!

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Didn't do him any justice at all., 8 October 2002

This movie was rather one-sided and it focused more on the negative rather than equally on the positive. They made it seem as if there had been nothing more to him but drugs and handguns and as if he was a greedy and selfish maniac. Although it had displayed some of the negatives in which had surrounded his career and his personal life, it failed to display the fact that he was a very generous and warm-hearted person. What also angered me was the fact that many of the people whom he had been close to (including those whom he worked with) were portrayed falsely. In reality, they provided very little help and sympathy when he needed it the most. He was sick, he needed help and considering the fact the he had lost an excess amount of weight and was deteriorating mentally and physically, they still failed to realize that something was wrong. Even after the results of his MMPI test had revealed that he was suffering from major depression, they took it lightly. I'm not necessarily saying that he was an angel and could do no wrong himself but come on, those around him didn't help the situation and they definitely contributed to the hurt and isolation in which he had felt.