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Who Dast? Who Dast?! (who dares/darest), 22 June 2001

That was the boastful phrase uttered by Walter Matthau to everyone else at the gathering; he stood before them snapping his bullwhip in air, its wicked cracking part of an old cultural ritual where a man stands before the tribe boasting of his might.

This movie is totally underrated--not only does Matthau give one of his best performances in a smaller role, but there is tons of folklore and history in this gem.

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central questions of the examined life, 4 February 2001

This film addresses the questions of faith, and the afterlife, and the possibilities of a god. The answer is not really given in the ending.

But this is of course the ultimate thinking man/woman's film.

It confirmed my atheism.

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existentialist statement, 21 January 2001

This is an "idea" film with a plot. It is deeply existentialist, and tries to drive home the point that we are alive and that this is beyond miraculous, that we must each make our way in this cold universe, ultimately dependent upon no one else. Through life is is hard, and we face death at the end, the struggle to survive is also deeply satisfying.

Holden's character Patrick Foley passes these concepts onto the boy played by Schroeder. The photography is magnificent; the acting is good. The script is incredible. A truly underrated movie.