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Inspirational Film, 21 March 2004

Never before have I watched a film that has changed my life. Prior to watching "Bowling for Columbine," I thought that Michael Moore was the biggest moron in the world. Now, I think the complete opposite... this movie is one that should be viewed by everyone.

Dick Clark and Charlton Heston, among others, should be ashamed of themselves for their views on gun violence.

I can't say much more about this movie. It's inspirational and I recommend it to anyone... all ages. I think that schools should show this movie to their students. Maybe if students watched it, they'd realize the amount of hurt that guns can cause. I give it a 5 out of 5.

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A Hilarioius Masterpiece!, 18 February 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What can I say about Stealing Harvard? First thing, this review may contain slight spoilers. And then I can say that it has to be one of the funniest and entertaining movies that I've seen in a very long time. With Tom Green, you know it has to be a riot, which is exactly what this movie is. The writing is wonderful and with a wonderful cast to back it up, it turns out to be a wonderfully entertaining masterpiece. This movie was just plain hilarious, what more can I say? With Tom Green, you can't go wrong. The plot deals with a man played by Jason Lee, who works for his rich, soon to be father-in-law, played by Dennis Farina. Lee promises his niece, at a young age, that if she ever gets accepted to college, he'll pay for the entire thing. So, when she reaches the age, she gets accepted to Harvard and needs $30,000 to cover the charges that she doesn't have. Lee calls on his friend from High School, played wonderfully by Tom Green. After many mishap robberies Lee's fiancee decides that they should steal the money from her father. But, will they get caught like every other time? For a ton of laughs, wonderful acting and writing watch Stealing Harvard. I give it a 5 out of 5.

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Greatest Show of My Childhood, 2 February 2003

This has to be one of the greatest shows ever aired in the history of television. First off, it starts at camp, which is always interesting. It was about a group of teenage campers facing everyday problems, at camp! The writing for the show was very creative, and it was very well acted. It seems like Nickelodeon is unable to air shows like this today because the crappy cartoons take up the whole schedule. I wish that Nickelodeon would just take one week and air episodes of "Salute Your Shorts," "Hey Dude," "Welcome Freshmen," "You Can't Do That On Television," "Nick Arcade," and "Wild and Crazy Kids." Maybe if these shows would air today, a new generation would be able to enjoy them. Ah, those were the days when you would come home from school and have these shows to look forward to. Too bad they've taken it away.

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Hilarious!, 23 December 2002

Give me a break! This movie deserves some credit. There were a lot of scenes in this movie that had me rolling on the floor in tears, FROM LAUGHTER. Just thinking that Chris (Dave Foley) in reality was a guy and that Pat (Julia Sweeney) in reality was a woman made it all the more funnier. I would have paid to see this in the theater if I would have found out about it earlier! I suggest that if you need a laugh you watch this, over and over and over and over again, like I did. If it's not great the first time, I can assure you, it gets better everytime after that. It's Pat, it's great, it's getting a 10 out of 10!

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Wonderful Show, 9 August 2002

This was a great show, and if you see any of Bette's other shows, this one was really toned down because it was aired on TV. Bette covers all of the songs from her career until the "Broken Blossom" album. Special guest appearance by Dustin Hoffman who sings the song "Shooting the Breeze" with Bette, music for the song written by Dustin Hoffman and lyrics by Bette Midler. This is a great show and it contains a great version of "Hello in There." Other songs include: Friends, Do You Want to Dance, and Shiver Me Timbers. A must see for any Bette Midler fan. A very wonderful show and a 10 out of 10. Another job well done by Bette Midler.

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Awesome, 29 July 2002

What can you say about Bette Midler? She's great... she puts such energy into everything she does and Mondo Beyondo is no exception. In it she plays Mondo Beyondo, host of a cable access show. It involves different acts, including Bette's husband performing as one of the two Kipper Kids. A great show and a wonderful performance by Bette Midler as usual. The one thing that disappointed me was that we didn't get to see more Bette! Still, a wonderful show. A 10/10.

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They're Back, 13 June 2002

Usually when they make a great film they make a sequel that is horrible and then they make another part that is even worse-- that's what happened here except the third part isn't bad, it's a lot better than the second part. This deals with two friends delivering a car to the girls father but they are stopped by Leatherface and the gang. It pretty much just follows the same plot line as the first part. What more can I say about it? I'd just like to point this out William Butler was in the remake of Night of the Living Dead written by George A. Romero and Ken Foree was in this film and he was also in Dawn of the Dead done by George A. Romero and the strange thing is, George A. Romero is in no way related to this film. To wrap things up this is a lot better than part 2, not as good as part 1 but it gets a 10 out of 10.

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Great Horror Film, 13 June 2002

A masterpiece for director Tobe Hooper. The film deals with a cannibalistic family in the backwoods of Texas who torment people that get in their way. At the beginning of the film we meet the teenage characters, probably most importantly Sally Hardesty and her wheelchair bound brother, Franklin. As in most horror films they are warned by locals not to go to the old house because they're all nuts up there, but as in most horror films they don't listen to what the locals have to say and make their way up there. Now, it wouldn't be a horror movie if they didn't go up there and get murdered-- that's exactly what happens. We meet the backwoods family such as the oldman and the chainsaw using Leatherface. This is a great film with a horror climax, it gets very scary at times and never lets you down. There's always something happening and it's full of suspense and very realistic. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes the horror genre, this is a film that is meant to be taken seriously and that's the thought that you should have when you go into watch it. My favorite scene in the whole movie is the end with the truck driver- it just seems so realistic! I give The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and 10 out of 10.

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Great Film-- Told in Flashbacks, 12 June 2002

Another part to the Psycho films. Thankfully, again, starring Anthony Perkins as troubled Norman Bates. This time he goes by the name of Ed to call into a radio show about boys who murder their mothers. In this part we get to see why Norman is the way he is. We see Norman murdering young women and commiting incestuous acts with his mother. Henry Thomas does a great job playing young Norman Bates, he acts just like Anthony Perkins does in the first part of the series. When Norman calls into the radio show he tells the host that he has to kill his wife because she is pregnant with his child. Norman believes that the child will be crazy and murderous like he was. In the end Norman Bates destroys his past by burning down his old house. This film is still great even though it doesn't really go along with what we learn in the first film. In Psycho III we learn that Norman's mother is not Mrs. Spool from part 2 but it is actually Mrs. Bates and Mrs. Spool just wanted to take Norman because she believed that it was Norman's father and Mrs. Spool's child-- it's a bit confusing at times but this part of the series clears up all questions. Psycho IV: The Beginning was aired in 1990 on HBO or Showtime (I can't exactly remember). But, it doesn't matter, Psycho IV: The Beginning is a wonderful film and a great part to the wonderful series. Psycho IV: The Beginning gets a well deserved 10 out of 10, the series also get a well deserved 10 out of 10. The Psycho films are the greatest series, I have yet to find something that beats them.

Psycho III (1986)
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They Keep Getting Better, 12 June 2002

I watched the whole Psycho series back to back and they get better with each film. Psycho III starts with a woman escaping from a convent after the accidental murder of a Nun. She is picked up by a hitchhiker and nearly raped. Norman then hires the "raper" and the woman, Maureen, then finds a diner, the same one that Norman worked at in Psycho II. In the diner, before Norman gets there, they are discussing the Mrs. Spool case-- she is missing. A reporter is sitting in the diner and suggests that Norman murdered her, the sheriff brushes it off and tells her to leave Norman alone. Soon, Norman enters and the reporter interviews him and he cringes when the name "Spool" is mentioned, but then comes the good sheriff and brushes it off again and Norman leaves. But then again, murders start occuring at the Bates Motel and no one feels safe. After Maureen's near suicidal death she is back and in love with Norman, but mother doesn't like that and in the end she makes her way up to the house to talk to Norman, but mother gets in the way and scares Maureen knocking her down the stairs and she gets hit by Cupid's arrow-- in the back of the head. Again, Anthony Perkins does a wonderful job as Norman Bates, what more can be said? Psycho III gets a well deserved and well earned 10 out of 10.

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